Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flag Football

This year, Joshua wanted to play flag football. If you know Joshua, then you know that he is one ball obsessed kid! He's always had a ball in his hands. He also never stops throwing or hitting ball in the house. He's broken glass with a baseball, one of my coffee tables has a big nick in it from one of his balls knocking over a picture and the picture nicked the table, and of course, if you've been over to our house, then you've probably been hit in the head with one of his balls. I've lost count on the number of times that my son has hit me with a ball..... "Ball throwing, hitting, rolling, tossing, etc." is one rule that we just don't see to eye to eye on.

So when we asked Joshua about playing football, he jumped at the opportunity. We love the Tennessee Vols, Titans, and the Colts (because of Peyton, of course). Joshua is eager to go to any ball game and he has been to quite a few Vols and Titans games over the years. When it came time to request numbers for our football jerseys, he asked to be #5 (in honor of Albert Pujols, of course) and is wearing his #5 proudly.

Joshua is a Mustang and has really enjoyed playing football with his teammates. I love it that Jason is out there with him as one of his coaches. He is one of the smallest guys out there, but he is all heart. He plays on the offensive line and defensive end. He is so proud of his "high knees" drill he learned in practice and is always looking forward to his practices or games. Who would've ever guessed that our little small 2 pounder would be playing on the offensive line and as defensive end? We are so proud of you, Joshua!



He is too cute, Sunny..I love the last pic where he is all smiles! :)

one BleSSed gal! said...

Look at him! He's looking so big these days...I bet he's acting like it out on that field, too :)