Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kindergarten Here We Come

Joshua and Abby Kate started Kindergarten! Their first day was full of excitement and anticipation as to what the day would bring. I was a bit surprised by the tears that filled my eyes. They are in the same class together and are loving every minute of it. Since starting Kindergarten, Joshua and Abby Kate have developed more of a dependency on each other. They usually are pretty independent, but Jason and I have really noticed how much closer they seem to be. They definitely look out for each other and play together more at school than they ever have before. They are thrilled to be in school and have transitioned nicely from preschool. I love seeing the excitement that comes with them reading to Jason and me. They are so proud and we couldn't be any happier for them.

Jackson is now at the same school with them. It definitely makes it easier on both Jason and myself. They are on the same campus with me and I have the joy of taking them to school and picking them up at the end of the school day. Jackson loves his class. He told Jason the other day that he wanted to be a teacher when he grows up. When Jason asked him why, he said that he loves Ms. Karen so much and wants to be a teacher just like her.


one BleSSed gal! said...

Those pictures are all precious, but most especially the one of Joshua & Abby Kate hugging. That one warms my heart...I can't imagine what it does to yours :)

*sarah* said...

how sweet! i love the picture of joshua and abby kate hugging...i especially love jackson in the background :) jackson must be in the same class as kale, my friend's little boy. she says he loves it, too!