Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Great Smoky Mountains

As mentioned previously, Jason and I headed to the mountains for our Fall Break back in October. We love getting any opportunity to head up to the Smoky Mountains and relax. After spending the weekend in Kingsport, we drove on down to Gatlinburg and stayed for the next week. Our condo was incredible and the perfect place for relaxation. The kids had an absolute blast and it was so nice to do something a little different from our normal routine.

The boys on our balcony


A picture with my little guy

One day we decided to drive into the mountains and we drove up to the Tennessee/North Carolina State Line. The view was spectacular, but the temperature was SO cold! Here's a picture of Jason and the kids in Tennessee and North Carolina.

Jason and the kids

The Great Smoky Mountains

Side note: Do you see that little black speck on the left side of my pictures? This trip is where I quickly realized that I had a small speck of dust on my lens. Frustrating, but after sending it off to Canon, they quickly returned my camera and lens after giving it a good cleaning and removing the speck of dust. I do have to admit though that it was a bit hard to mail off my camera and be without it for a while!

A kind gentleman offered to take a picture of our family. We don't usually get a group shot these days, so I was happy to have one of all of us.

The Great Smoky Mountains

Our family kept driving to the top and decided to "hike" Clingmans Dome to the tower. It was SO cold being up at a higher elevation, but after beginning our climb to the top, we were quickly hot and exhausted. Somehow we managed to get all 5 of us to the top - Jackson and Abby Kate had to get a few shoulder rides along the way, but we made it. It was at that moment that I realized that I had come a long way from my surgery just 4 short months earlier! 

Clingmans Dome Tower
It was so cold up there, that there was SNOW and ICE!!! We were too hot and really enjoyed the cooler elevation!

Another gentleman asked to snap a picture of our family on our way back down.

Abby Kate was SO cold!

The Great Smoky Mountains

Jackson, Abby Kate, and Joshua hiked Clingmans Dome!

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Jason said...

I'm glad you're archiving all of these pictures for us. You won't regret it.