Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our Very First UT Basketball Game

We decided a few months back to make a trip up to Knoxville to catch a Vols basketball game. Since football is over and baseball is right around the corner, we've been watching some basketball here lately. I have to admit, I like basketball, but it is definitely not my favorite. My love - baseball (but I think that you might have already known that). Jason and I LOVED watching the Bisons play basketball while we were at Lipscomb. Those games were some of the best! Anyways, we've watched a few games on TV this season and when I was in the hospital for 9 days this past June, the NBA playoffs were on TV. We didn't really have the luxury of our DVR in the hospital, so we were forced to watch "regular" TV. Our regular TV schedule included House Hunters, Family Feud, and when a playoff game was on, it provided some much needed entertainment. Of course, we love our Vols and love getting to visit UT any chance we can for a game.

This game was a first for all 5 of us! We had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of the game and our time away. When I came home from school on Friday, I found Jackson sound asleep in our bedroom with his backpack on ready to go. Jason said that Abby Kate and Jackson were in there talking and then just a few minutes later, Jackson was asleep on the floor. Abby Kate said that he just "kind of fell over and went to sleep like that".

When Jason and I travel, we are bound to run across a Western Sizzlin. I always thought that it was called the Western Sizzler, but the sign said "Sizzlin". He's always told me that he used to love going there as a little boy. I'm sure that the Sizzler is to him what Bonanza is to me. When I knew that we were going to be driving up early to stay the night, I got really excited with the prospect of surprising Jason with dinner at the Sizzler. Well, we ate there and we probably won't be back anytime soon! We had plenty to eat but it definitely made for some funny laughs for all of us! (Joshua thought it was especially funny that we were eating at a place called "Western Sizzlin".) And boy, was it expensive!

Later that night, we checked in to our hotel in Knoxville. All 3 kids snuggled down in bed to sleep. I guess that Jackson wanted some more space, so he moved on to the end of the bed. Joshua is not asleep yet in this picture. He is always the last one to go to sleep when we are somewhere new. He is just so afraid that he is going to miss out on something. He was miserable the next morning because he was so tired and hopefully he learned a little lesson.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed over for a great breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We don't get out for breakfast very often, but we were able to enjoy a yummy breakfast. We then visited the Campus Bookstore and stocked up on our latest Vols gear and walked on over to Thompson Boling Arena. Jackson instantly started requesting some popcorn, so Jason got the kids a box and some drinks.

I don't know how, but Jackson managed to fall asleep during all the noise and excitement of the game. I also found myself nodding off during all the fouling and free throws. :)

We finished off our time in Knoxville with a late lunch at Mellow Mushroom. We had such a fun time and we all enjoyed our very first UT basketball game!

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