Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Valentine's Day Love

Our Valentine's Day was full of love and fun! 3 years ago, Jason and I had plans for a Valentine's Day dinner out alone, but our plans got canceled. We fully embraced the moment and headed out to Chick Fil A for some dinner and playtime for the kids. You know, no one goes to Chick Fil A on Valentine's Day! The kids loved every minute of it and Jason and I enjoyed the quiet time when the kids were off playing. We've been going on our little family date every Valentine's Day since we started our tradition in 2009.

This year, we had plans to continue our tradition, but I received a call at school that Jackson was not feeling well. They brought him up to me and we left as soon as my sub arrived. I called our family doctor to see if we could get in for a visit. Poor Jackson has pretty much been sick since Jason and I returned back from Africa. He's had pink eye twice and little random viruses and infections here and there. We were able to be worked in late that afternoon and Jackson was ordered another antibiotic. We didn't want to share our wonderful germs, so we did something new this year. We ordered our food to go and came home to eat our dinner together.

The kids were happy to have our special day and they were even more excited when they found out that we had a little Valentine present for them. We settled down for the evening and (of course) snapped some pictures. Happy Valentine's Day!

Twin Love

Loving on Daddy

Loving on Momma

My little Valentine

Valentine's Day 2011

3 Little Valentines

We got Abby Kate a couple of books and she was so excited to snuggle up in Daddy's lap and read to him. We are SO very proud of the progress she is making with learning how to read!

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