Friday, March 28, 2008


Last year when we moved into our new house, we got Dish Network. I was a bit skeptical at first. (If you know anything about me, you know that I like to keep things the same. I'm just not that adventurous. Case in point - I just now signed up for on-line banking. Who knew that paying your bills could be so EASY!) Anyways, there were MANY days where I called Jason at work asking how to just turn ON the TV. I've pretty much figured the whole thing out and now I sit back and wonder how we used to watch our shows.

Our lives are not consumed with our TV, but it is nice to have something to watch every now and then. Our TV usually gets turned on for the first time each day around 5:30. I don't know what it is, but when Jason comes home, the TV goes on. He doesn't sit there and watch it, he just likes to have it on. Personally, it drives me crazy. We have enough noise in our house WITHOUT the TV on!

Since this writer's strike has finally come to an end, I am really excited about the shows that are coming back. I really enjoy having my DVR.

Here are some of my favorite shows!

Flip That House

Trading Spaces - I'm an old-school Trading Spaces fan! Yeah for Paige Davis!

American Idol - We've been watching since Season 3!

The Celebrity Apprentice

Survivor - Jason and I have been watching since Season 3! This is our standing Thursday night date!



The Office - Jason introduced me to this show this past summer. I really love it now!

Lost - Another show that Jason got me watching. I'm not as hard-core as he is, but I enjoy the show.

CSI-Miami - This is the first one that I started watching. I like this one just a little more than the original.


Chuck - This show is really great! I started watching it last year when Jason had his weekly grad class at Lipscomb every Monday night.

The Biggest Loser

1 vs 100 - They've already finished the season, but Jason and I really enjoyed watching it.

So what about you?
What are some of your favorite shows?
What is the most random thing that you have on your DVR?
What's your favorite "new" show?


Jason said...

I love our DVR. Since we don't get to go catch as many movies or go out as often these days, I'm glad we can have a few shows to watch together.

And for the record, when I get home, I like to watch / overhear the news. With 3 kids, though, that can be a little problematic!

chesley said...

I wouldn't watch anything without DVR. We record Oprah, Doodlebops and Dora daily. When they're on, I record Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Lipstick Jungle. We've also been really into Celebrity Apprentice this season. It was on during the UT game last night, so I haven't seen the finale yet. I didn't think I watched much TV until I started typing this and I have all these shows coming to mind.. love all the house flipping shows, John & kate + 8, Don't Forget the Lyrics, The Hills, and the Gauntlet. I'm sure there are many more I could list, but I'll stop so not to embarass myself more!

Tracy said...

Have you ever seen John and Kate Plus 8??? I bet you will LOVE it. Its on Discovery Health (I think) or TLC. I DVR Oprah, Ellen, Biggest Loser, CBS Sunday Morning, John and Kate(!!), Supernanny, and just started I Can Make You Thin.

kyllie said...

I LOVE our DVR too!!!

Here are my favorites, but not all that I DVR, that would be a long list:

How I Met Your Mother
Jon & Kate Plus 8(just started watching this in the last month and I am so addicted!)
Dancing with the Stars
American Idol
House, M.D.
Ugly Betty
The Office(just started watching this one over Christmas, and I LOVE IT! I bought seasons 1-3 so I would know what's going on)
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Most Random: Probably The Green Mile, Jeremy recorded this one, and it's been on there for a while, I think it's time to delete it! And we have Dora and The Backyardigins on there too, but probably not that random since we have a kid.

Favorite "new" show: My favorite "new" show that I have just started watching is Jon & Kate Plus 8, or The Office, but if you mean favorite "new" show that's started this season, not sure I have one, I've watched a few, but none I have really loved, and honestly if you look at the embarrassing number of shows I already watch, I don't think I really need to pick up any more :)

Trey and Bri Maharrey said...

My short list of favorite shows are:

Ugly Betty
The Office
Grey's Anatomy
American Idol

Other things I like but watch sporadically are Jon & Kate plus 8,Ellen and Oprah to name a few.

I think I have a TV problem ;) The great thing about DVR is that you can watch your shows in half the time by cutting out the commercials.

Sunny said...

I also like Grey's and Private Practice. I could list more, but it would be really embarrassing. I didn't realize just how many shows I watch. :)

I guess that I should give Jon and Kate +8 another try. I watched it once and didn't really care for it. I saw their "special" (before the show) and really enjoyed it.

Check out Tracy's blog. There is a really cool youtube video. We're going to turn out our lights. I hope that you join us too!

-Lane said...

Online banking is the bomb. I love it. So is DVR/Tivo service.
On our DVR season pass list-
Sunday night great: Extreme Home Makeover
Monday: I don't think anything, actually
Tuesday: Biggest Loser, American Idol
Wednesday: American Idol
Thursday: Not enough space! The Office, Apprentice, Survivor, Lost
Friday: 1 Vs 100, and the new gameshow Amnesia
Saturday: Nothing

TARA said...

We are officially part of the 21 century now with our Direct TV and TIVO. I think the guys record SPEED all the time. As for me, the only thing I watch is American Idol or Survior. We haven't quite got the hang of recording - and have missed a few Survivors and Idol's we thought recorded.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny! Jason sent me your blog address on facebook. Your blog is great. I love all the pictures of your kids. They're such cuties and sound like tons of fun. Nice to see you guys are doing so well! Love,
Tricia (Luethke) Parker

p.s. I watch old Alias and Friends reruns on DVR. I also watch the Office with Scott, but I get so embarrassed for the characters it is hardly worth it.

alice said...

I'm risking sounding old and boring (then again, maybe we ARE old and boring?)by admitting this, but we watch NOTHING on TV. We don't have cable so there's not much available except PBS. Caleb watches about 30 minutes of videoes (Clifford, Little People, Baby Einstein, etc) before bed time, but otherwise, the TV isn't on. We don't miss it, we just prefer to spend our time on other activities. When we are visiting relatives with cable, I really like all of the shows on TLC, HGTV, and Food Network. I could easily be addicted, which is part of the motivation for keeping cable out of our home.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

I LOVE DVR!!! I couldnt watch tv without it! amen to lost, csi, ellen and oprah! yaaaaayyyyy!