Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Fun

I hope that you have all had a great weekend. At our house, we really enjoyed our time together with each other and our friends. On Friday, Alisha and I met up to make another trip to a consignment sale. I think that Jason is beginning to tire of all of the sales, but I'm always on the lookout for a great bargain.

(By the way, have I ever told you about the steal of a deal that I got on baby food a few months back? Well, if not, I'm going to tell you now. As you know, I make all of Jackson's baby food. Whenever we go out to eat at someone's house or a restaurant, I always take the store bought stuff - You've got to love Gerber's! I had several coupons from Gerber's on their Organic 2 packs. Now usually, I don't really care if it is organic or not, but I thought I would hang on to the coupons and wait for some sales. Well, one finally came at our local Publix. They had 4-2 packs for $3. I had a coupon that if you bought 6-2 packs, you could save $2. Well, I bought 12 - 2 packs, spending $9.00. With my 2 coupons, I had already saved $4.00. As I was leaving the baby food section of the store, I noticed that Publix had some $1 off coupons on the Gerber Organics. If you bought 3 - 2 packs, you could save $1. Well, I grabbed three of those $1 off coupons (for my 12 packs) and proceeded to the check out. In the end, I purchased 12 - 2 packs of Gerber Organics. I paid $9 and with all of my coupons, I saved $7. Yep, that's right, I got all of that baby food for "on the go's", for only $2!!!)

Okay, where were we... oh yeah, consignment shopping (just wait, I'll fill you all in on my steals after all of the sales are over). Jason and Corey hung out at the house with Jackson and Will. We were able to all share lunch together and just have fun catching up.

Jason and I picked up the kids that afternoon from Preschool. This was only after he had spent a good 30 minutes on the phone with the insurance company. A lady pulled out in front of him a few weeks back and we are in the process of getting the claim filed, so they will pay for his truck to be fixed. For dinner that night, we decided to try a new pizza place in town. It's called Marco's and it is so delicious!!! The kids really enjoyed it, too. We always fudge a little on the rules on Friday nights, so we all ate our pizza in the den and watched some television. Later that night, I finally opened up the latest Nicholas Sparks' book and began reading. I really love his books and this one is not going to disappoint. I don't know what it is about his books, but when I buy them, I don't begin reading them immediately. Instead, I sit on them for several months before even opening them. I think that I've learned to pace myself. I used read his books in one sitting and then the months seemed to go on forever and forever as I waited for another. Any good authors you all would recommend?

Well, Saturday was a good day. We headed out to Guntersville to visit with our friends Lane and Kristen. Oh, and we also ate at this great place called Top 'O the River. They have these great fried pickles! We really enjoyed getting to see them! Jason also headed out to pick up Abby Kate's new bedroom furniture with Jon. Thanks Jon!

Today was a great day. We enjoyed lunch with our friends Stacy and Jon. When we ask Joshua what he is going to do this spring (play t-ball), he always tells everyone that he is going to play t-ball with Lawson. They are such great buddies.

Well, don't really know if anyone else is still reading this now, but I hope that you all had a great weekend. We had a great time visiting with all of our friends. I am so very thankful for the friendships that we have. God has truly blessed our lives with these and other relationships. I am glad that we were able to take the time to be with others and with our own little family.

The kids have Spring Break this week, so we will be doing a little bit of traveling. Jackson has his 9 month appointment tomorrow, so check back tomorrow afternoon if you want to read up on "all things Jackson". Also, I don't know if you've noticed our little March for Babies Campaign total over there. We are ecstatic about all of the money that has been raised "so far". A BIG thank you to all that have contributed!


Jess said...

I'm a consignment sale addict too! Good to know you're willing to confess too!
You gotta tell me how you make Jackson's baby food. That's something I would have loved to do but never knew how!
Love reading about your family! Enjoy your spring break. We will be on it too.

Hilary said...

I love Nicholas Sparks books also! Another author that I love, and think you will like too, is Sarah Dessen. The movie "How to Deal" with Mandy Moore is based off a few of her books. I just realized that Mandy Moore also starred in the move "A Walk to Remember" based off the book by Nicholas Sparks! Enjoy your time together with your kids during their spring break. It's spring break for me too this week!

-Lane said...

Joshua kept cracking me up Saturday night when he said over and again "I think...I think we need to get back in our van..." when our "ferocious" dog Chloe attacked (licked) him. Kristen and I can't stop laughing at that. It was precious. Thanks for the Sat. night visit. Wish you guys weren't so far away.

Stacy said...

Wow! that post had a lot of tangents!!! :) it was a good weekend for us too...and thanks to the two hour wait at logans, we had plenty of time to visit and catch up!! hope you have a great spring break! I'm just going to be praying for ours to go by q-u-i-c-k-l-y!!!

Lawson is very excited about t-ball too...all he talks about is how "I'm going to learn how to become a baseball player and play with my friend Joshua."!!!! It's going to be a summer to remember--our little boys are getting so big!!! :)

Sunny said...

Hilary - I'll have to give Sarah Dessen a try when I finish my current read. Thanks for the recommendation.