Sunday, March 30, 2008


Jason graduates with his Masters of Divinity from Lipscomb University in 34 Days!!!!

Jason and I are celebrating this long journey with a Western Caribbean Cruise. We leave port in 36 days! I'll post more about that later.

Today I was asking Abby Kate some math questions while I was fixing lunch. I asked her "What is 5 minus 1?" She just looked at me so then I asked her, "What is it when you have 5 and you take 1 away?" She replied by saying, "Not being very nice!". After we all had a good laugh, she told me 4!

Jackson is crawling EVERYWHERE!!!

Can someone please tell me why my son wore 6 pairs of socks in the last two days?

If you ever need a good deep "belly laugh", you can take my daughter through the car wash. She absolutely "freaked" the other day!

Jackson is pulling up on EVERYTHING!!! He has the bumps and bruises to prove it.

My house is a disaster! I am in the process of "changing out" the closets of my THREE kids! Boy am I exhausted!

What is up with all of the Mayflies buzzing around my house?

Chocolate is my weakness!

I am really addicted to finding a good sale. I love saving all of the money that I can. A lot of times this means that I have to play the waiting game. Well, the coupons finally came out for Michael's, so I'm off this week to get my frames.

Should I get a Facebook?

I think that Jason should do all of my grocery shopping from here on out. Abby Kate and I left the boys Saturday morning to run some errands and pick up the groceries. Why is it that I always come out with more than what is on my list?

I finally got a new cell phone and a new plan. Hopefully we can save a little more money by sharing a plan.

Our first week of recycling is going really well!


Amy said...

Love the randomosity!

Congrats to Jason - that is a huge degree and a great accomplishment. I think the trip is well-deserved (for BOTH of you)!

Your daughter is precious.

Yes, you should get Facebook.

I don't even want to face my children's closets! Well, one of theirs, anyway. My neat-freak daughter is doing pretty well still. The other one has no closet, which isn't such a bad thing!

TARA said...

I don't know who deserves the cruise the most, you or Jason!

When we open pantry and closet doors, things fly out and fall on us!

If you get a facebook, will you continue your blog?

I doubt Jason would come out with much less than you when he shops. Men tend to pick up tools and other testosterone related products which us females would never think to purchase.

Collegegirl said...

Congrats to your hubby. I have a facebook to stay connected with college friends and family. I also have a blog that I keep updated as well. If you get a facebook, you will need to keep the blog going. Facebook is great for connecting with others.

Do not worry if the house is in chaos, you have three kiddos. Life gets busy-so be it!!!

chesley said...

Congrats to Jason! So jealous of the cruise! My house is chaos too so you're not alone. I've been thinking about starting to recycle too. I sat my first two aluminum cans on the counter this morning. I'm interested to hear how it goes.

Jamey said...

Isn't everyone's house in chaos? I totally understand about switching out the clothes. It's such an ordeal. I've never cared for it b/c for one thing it is sad to pack away clothes that you know they will never wear again, and two because weather here in good old Monty keeps tricking us! It was 75 degrees on Saturday, but today it was in the 50s this morning. Madness. I can't pack away all the warm stuff, but I have to get out the cool clothes too. You should see my living room aka sorting room.

Sunny said...

Jamey - I had to leave several long-sleeved clothes in everyone's closet too! Yesterday was really cold, so we all just wore our jackets. Today, we are all going to wear long-sleeves (it will probably be a warmer day). I guess that we will be playing this game for a little while longer.

I hate having to pack away the clothes that they will never wear again. I do have a stack of "maybes". I always think that they will fit in the fall, but they never do. :)