Monday, September 15, 2008

Jackson at Fifteen Months

Jackson Cash
21 pounds, 29 inches

I can walk.

I can say mama, dada, thank you, done, more, milk, hi, bye, bye bye, bubba, ball, touchdown and eye.

I love to climb ANYTHING!!!

I like to pat the Bible (or Momma and Daddy).

I shake my head "no" when I don't want something.

I have 12 teeth.

I like to play peek-a-boo.

I love playing outside.

When you ask me where my eyes are, I always point to my ears and giggle.

I love imitating my brother and sister. My favorite thing to do is to reach in the snack basket and "ask" for a snack.

I WILL NOT eat solid foods.

I love to play in Abby Kate's room. She pretty much keeps the door closed at all times now.

I have recently started "grunting" and pointing at things that I want.

I cry every time my mom leaves me in the nursery or in Bible class.

I love to swing when outside.

I don't like being told no.

I still love to cuddle and be held.

I can give the sign for touchdown.

I love to clap and dance.

I love to play with cell phones and keys.

I am definitely the baby in the family!

*Jackson is such a blessing to our family. He brings us all so much joy and happiness. He is definitely at the stage where he is constantly keeping us on our toes. He loves to play independently, but also craves playing with Joshua and Abby Kate. He absolutely adores Abby Kate! She is so protective of him and very nurturing. Joshua and Jackson love to wrestle around with each other. Joshua loves to "go and get" things for Jackson. He is so sweet to him. I get really tickled with Joshua and Abby Kate when I ask for them to clean up their toys. They get so frustrated with the mess that Jackson has made. One of Jackson's favorite times of the day is when Jason comes home from work in the evening. He loves running up and giving Jason the biggest hugs.

*Today at Jackson's check up our doctor did confirm that he has asthma. We now have medicine for him at the house if his breathing becomes labored like it did a few weeks ago.

*Jackson will take either one or two naps a day. He actually "requests" for his naps. He will go and get his pacy and his burp cloth (we still don't have a name for the thing) and point to his crib. If he really wants to nap, he goes down without a peep. We usually put him down for bed at night any time after 7:30. He will always rest his head on my shoulder before I put him down for the night. He sleeps until 7:30 in the morning. Here lately, he has been sleeping in as late as 8:30.


alice said...

What a cute boy! I know he is a joy and a hand full. Its neat how he adores Abby Kate. Very impressive sleeping too!

Amy said...

such a sweetheart!!

Alisha said...

So sweet! He is growing up so fast. I love his little personality.

Collegegirl said...

HAPPY 15 months Jackson!!!

chesley said...

He is precious, and sounds like a really sweet little boy!