Tuesday, September 02, 2008

You Can Never Have Enough Randomness

I have a few random thoughts floating around in my head, so I guess that this post will be a bit random.

*I just accidentally hit the return key, so my post posted without being written.

Random Thought #1 - I can't get enough Krystals! Yum-Yum.

Random Thought #2 - One of my favorite shows is Everybody Loves Raymond. Jason and I own all of the box sets and just finished up the finale show this weekend. I really love that show!

Random Thought #3 - My DVR is FULL of home improvement shows! Why? If you know anything about us, it is that we are NOT DIY type people.

Random Thought #4 - My kids' favorite songs right now are, "Barbara Ann" by The Beach Boys, "Hot, Hot, Hot" by Buster Poindexter, "Lions" by Lost and Found, and "Rocky Top".

Random Thought #5 - I'm glad that Jason and I chose NOT to go to the beach this past weekend.

Random Thought #6 - Didn't really care for the Chick-Fil-A free chicken strips yesterday. But, they were free!


Jason and I headed down to Montgomery with the kids the other day. We visited our friends Jamey and Kenny. We had the best time and enjoyed watching the volleyball games and the football game. Joshua, Abby Kate and Jackson loved playing with Avery and Braden! We ended up leaving the game around 10:00 Friday night and did not get in bed until sometime after 1:30 AM. At 3:30, Jack woke up having difficulty breathing and Jason headed out to the ER with him. About half way there, Jackson's breathing returned to normal and he came back home. I don't know what caused Jackson to have that much trouble breathing, but it was pretty scary. The only thing that I can think of, is that we were out in the heat and humidity at the game. The last time that we were outside like that, Jackson had difficulty with his breathing. I am anxious for his 15 month appointment to roll around, so that we can figure out what is going on.

Saturday night, we all headed out to the mall to Build-A-Bear. The last time that we were there, we received an $8 off coupon that was due to expire on Sunday. We told Joshua and Abby Kate that we were there to make a bear for Jackson. They were so excited and so precious making Jackson his monkey. "Jack-Jack", the monkey, has two hearts from Abby Kate and Joshua. Jack LOVES his monkey!

The weather was so nice this morning. I spent about an hour outside with the kids. I am so happy that Jackson is now walking. It makes our times outside much more enjoyable and Jackson is absolutely LOVING being outside!

I told you that it would be random...


Stacy said...

Very funny...I walked up to the computer and checked (i guess) right after you hit enter, b/c your blog said "You can never have e" and "My thoughts are pretty random, so this will be random..." then NOTHING else...I thought "Wow...her mind must be racing so much she must've forgot everything!!" I browsed a few others...including poor Jamey's...by the way it's her birthday....and then came back to read yours...(hey...if you can have a random post, i'll post a random comment!!! :)

i didn't like the chicken strips either. i guess anna didn't either. my kids did. they ate them up yesterday, then i took a quick shower this morning and when i came downstairs they were sitting in the middle of the kitchen both eating a cold leftover strip!!! they told me they were hungry.

very cool that AK and J made Jackson a monkey. You guys are gonna become regulars at B-A-B!!

There was something else i was gonna comment on, but can't remember and don't want to go back or it will delete this.

sorry for no caps...i raked the yard this morning and my hand hurts too much to do the shift key every time! :)

Collegegirl said...

I LOVE Raymond too. I have MANY random moments and I post them sometimes too.
Sorry Jack had breathing trouble. With asthma and humidity, I have had LOTS of trouble breathing.
Hope everything is ok today!

Jason said...

Your randomness cracks me up.

Jamey said...

Randomness rocks!

We had fun with you guys; so glad you could visit.