Monday, September 08, 2008

Wild Child

The other day, I decided to keep a mental list of all the things Jackson "got into" over the course of a single day. This is just the stuff that I can remember. Most of these are repeat offenses! As you can tell, he's absolutely into EVERYTHING!!!
  • Pulled a table over on top of himself
  • Climbed on top of a toy table to get on top of a bookshelf
  • Put Abby Kate's "little trinkets" in his mouth that I had to fish out
  • Turned on the bathtub faucets in my bathroom
  • Climbed on top of Abby Kate's desk to pull down the art supplies
  • Climbed the couch (countless times)
  • Played in the potty
  • Pulled the dishwasher door down on top of himself
  • Climbed on top of the kitchen table and put safety pins in his mouth (they were closed)
  • Got hit in the head with the vacuum cleaner (that one was mom's fault)
  • Fell off of the stool in the pantry while snack hunting
And he does all of this in the two seconds that I take my eyes off of him!

The child can climb anything! When I take him into the grocery store, I tighten the strap as much as I can AND keep my hands on him at all times. He will ALWAYS manage to wiggle his way out of the seat belt and turn himself completely around and STAND UP in the shopping cart! He does the same thing with the restaurant high chairs. For some reason we always get the one that is missing the seat buckle. Do these people not know what kind of child we have? I'm afraid that his next climbing project will be his crib! So far he is showing no interest, but I'm sure that the pitter patter of little Jack's feet will awaken us from our slumber all too soon. I think that we have an extreme sport kid on our hands! Rock climbing/base jumping/anything thrilling or dangerous!



What a little rounder. :) It's so funny, though, because he seems so laidback. Boys are so different from girls, though...even at such a young age. He's a cutie, though. I love that picture! He looks mischevious.

Alisha said...

He is so cute! That picture is really funny. It looks like he is planning his next adventure.

chesley said...

that picture cracks me up! he looks so mischevious. i think claire will be my wild one. grant is wild in a different, less dangerous way!

hey, i tried to email you, but i must have an old email address. will you email me so i have your address? it's chesley(my old last name) at

Amy said...

you sure do have your hands full with that one. love the picture, it's suits him!

Brooke said...

Loved your list! Every family needs atleast one just like that!

Jeremy said...

after #2 I would have tied his right leg to my left.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! hes getting so big! I FEELYOUR PAIN with this wild child nonsense. ;)