Thursday, September 18, 2008

Your Turn

Today, I am heading off to the beach with some girls from church. To say that I am excited, would be quite an understatement. My sweet hubby took a vacation day so that I could go to Destin for 4 days and 3 nights!!! He will be "the man" for the next 4 days. I can't wait to hear the stories about what he and the kids did while I was away.

Since I'll be away for a few days, it's your turn!

1. What is your favorite thing to do at the beach?

2. How much did you pay per gallon at your last stop at the gas station?

3. How often do you wash your sheets?

4. Who was/is your favorite boy band?

5. What fall show are you the most excited about?

6. What do you snack on while watching a movie?

7. What football team do you root for?


Jason said...

One hour in and we all are still surviving.

My favorite thing to do at the beach is play in the ocean. When we were there in May, the waves were so big that I broke my boogie board thing. It was awesome. And you can't beat the seafood, too.

Favorite "boy band"? Do the Beatles count? Otherwise, I'm out.

Movie snacks: Buncha Crunch.

Since LOST won't be back until January, I guess I'm most excited about The Office. Or Survivor.

We wash our sheets?

Anonymous said...

1. swim
2. $3.90
3. weekly (roughly)
4. none, please
5. don't watch TV
6. anything available
7. Jacksonville Jaguars

Sunny said...

I'm having a great time at the beach! Thought that I would give my answers!

1. Take a walk on the beach. Since having kids, we don't really get to take a nice long walk at dusk on the beach. I absolutely LOVE strolling hand in hand with Jason along the water's edge!

2. $3.99

3. I wish that I could say weekly, but it might be more like every other week.

4. New Kids on the Block - Joey was my fav!!!

5. I am really excited about the fall shows. Loved Chuck last year. I might have to say the CSI's. They definitely left me hanging in the series finale.

6. Popcorn and some kind of chocolate

7. Tennessee Vols and Titans!!!

Collegegirl said...

Favorite thing to do at the beach-look for shells and float in the water

Per gallon-$3.59

Sheets get washed every week. If it gets neglected, everyother.

My favorite boy band when a was growing up-New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees

So many shows: one would be CSI (all of them)

Favorite snack while watching a movie: popcorn and fruit

Football team to root for: Cowboys, Cowboys (college), and Panthers (sis HS).

What a great idea to do. Have a great time and RELAX!!!


1. Take walks along the beach at night w/ Ben...though that doesn't happen as much anymore now that we have kids.
2. $65.00 for a full tank...the time before that was $75.00!!!
3. I'm embarrased on this one...definitely not weekly and I'm doing good to get it done every two or three weeks. See got me beat on that one! :)
4. N Sync...I loved them...especially Justin Timberlake! Even got to see them in concert. :)
5. We don't really watch TV at all, but we might watch Biggest Loser. We got into it last season.
6. Popcorn and Sprite
7. Auburn

Jess said...

1. Walk on the beach, play in the sand with the kids and get really messy
2. $3.99/gal when I could find a gas station that had it
3. Once a week, usually on Tuesdays
4.I was a NKOTB fan but loved all of the ones in the 90's too, depended on the songs that were out
5. Popcorn & Sprite (if it's a family movie night) or Brownies (if it's a hubby and me movie night) but usually there isn't a snack because it's late
6. House & Grey's Anatomy
7. Tennessee Titans, Georgia Bulldogs (because if I don't I'd be kicked out of my own home :))

Supabloggasuprememama said...

awe fun!!! hope you have a great time!
1. read, without the kids.
2. jamin filled me up last time. not sure
3. once a week
4. NKOTB 4eva!
5. Grey's
6. Nestle Toll House cookies. slightly doughy in the middle. awesome.

Stacy said...

I have never been to the beach (except for the one time I was there for 30 minutes then had to get back on the charter bus.) I put my feet in the I guess for now that would be it! :)

3.89, b/c I really needed gas and that was the only place open at 3:30 this morning.

Um...I would say one set of bedding gets washed a week, so that makes every three weeks for each set. Unless a kid has an accident!

Boy band? I don't even know all the kids on the block! I was soooo country when country wasn't OakRidge Boys?

I will eat anything...but I like candy...any kind, really!

I love Biggest Loser...

Jon loves OU, so I do too!

Dana said...

Hey Sunny,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the sweet comment. I know I've met Jason but I don't think I got a chance to meet you. So in an effort to become blogger friends, I thought I'd answer your questions here..

1. I'd be glad to do anything at the beach. Just get me there!

2. $3.62 (or Adam did last night. But all most all the stations in town are out of gas so he waited in line at Walmart for an hour).

3. Probably once every other week.

4. New Kids on the Block. Jordan was my favorite but Jon touched my hand at the concert in Birmingham in 1989 (I think)

5. We also like Chuck but we've been following ER for years so I'm excited to watch this last season and then get to bed earlier on Thursday nights next year!

6. Cheese and grapes

7. Went to school at Troy so I guess I pull for them but I really don't care too much.