Wednesday, February 18, 2009

115 Months

Our paper towel holder that we received as a wedding gift 115 months ago.

I've known that our paper towel holder has been on its last leg for the past couple of months. Our old paper towel holder was nothing fancy, but it served its purpose of holding our paper towel rolls. I also know that paper towel holders are pretty cheap (at least they were 9 years ago) and it shouldn't be too hard to find another one. We will miss you!

Here's hoping we will find another one that will last 115 months.

Happy 115 months Jason! Love you baby!


Jason said...

I'll be sure to find you another one! Although I'm not sure if the next one can break that record of 115 months.

It's hard to believe we've been married that long. We're old.

jenna said...

Oh, how I love you Bybees!

I still haven't splurged for a paper towel holder for my apt... I guess I would need to splurge on purchasing paper towels every once in a while to justify such a purchase. ha

Jess said...

I loved the previous story about Jackson pretending to go potty. Aidan has done that too but now that I've been trying to really potty train he isn't as excited to pretend to do it (or really do it for that matter!).
Tell Jason I said you aren't old just experienced...also, We still have our paper towel holder and it is almost identical to that. We also got it for a wedding gift...almost 11 years ago!