Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No Pants and a Tease on Potty Training

Jackson really loves to run around the house with no pants on. I don't even know why I still try to put pants on him anymore, because they will always end up on the floor. He loves to take off his shoes, his socks, and his pants.

We are at that wonderful stage of taking socks and shoes off in the van, too. I remember Joshua and Abby Kate doing this and I would get so frustrated having to put back on 2 sets of socks and shoes at every stop. I know that it is just a phase and it will be over soon enough, but I've given up putting Jackson's socks and shoes back on him every time we get out of the van. Some older mommas give me nasty looks when they see that I have a barefoot child in the middle of winter, but if they only knew half of the battle that I was fighting....

I wanted to share a quick story from the other day. I had been wanting to take a walk around the neighborhood and let Abby Kate get out on the street to ride her bike. (There's only so many circles you can do in the driveway before you start to get a little bored). Joshua pedaled his Diego bike Flintstone-style, I pulled Jack in the wagon and Jason stayed on the road with Abby Kate while she road her bike. Before we left the house, we locked the door, but left the garage up. While we were circling back by our house, Joshua told me that he needed to go potty. I told Jason to keep going with Abby Kate and that I would take the boys back on up to the house. When we finally reached the door, I quickly realized that the keys to the locked house were with Jason. Jason and Abby Kate were long gone and so I did the only thing that I could think to do - I took Joshua to the side of the house and let him go potty. I know, I know, someone call the etiquette police... Well, we finished up rather quickly and the boys went on about their play. A few minutes later, I notice Jackson walking over to the same spot (as Joshua had previously been) and then pulling down his pants to his ankles. He gives me a quick smile and then pulls up his pants and runs off playing. He proceeded to "go potty" several more times before completely losing his shoes and pants.

I got so tickled with Jack imitating Joshua. This kind of thing doesn't just happen outside. Jack is constantly running to either bathroom and lifting the lid, pulling up his shirt (his pants are already off by that point) and then finishing up by flushing the toilet. He is always so proud of himself! I've gotten quite a few laughs out of this little guy.

We sure do have one smart little boy.

Potty training here we come.... :)


Stefanie said...

What a cute story!!! I wish my son would keep his shoes on, he is 5 and still takes his shoes off everytime we get in the car. However, now he knows that he cannot get out until he puts them back on.

Jamey said...

I love it when kids figure out things and learn. It's fun to see them so proud of themselves!

Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't keep socks and shoes on a little tike.

The pants are a different story. It's Avery who wants to run around without them on!