Thursday, February 19, 2009

Numbers (of the Random Sort)

18 ~ the number of cereal boxes that we have in our pantry. Abby Kate asked me the other day while we were out grocery shopping why I always buy so much cereal (I bought 5 boxes that day). I thought about if for a quick minute and told her because everyone in our house eats so much of it, plus that it is on sale.

3 ~ the number of kids that have been sick all week. Joshua and Abby Kate are finally feeling better today. I ended up taking Jack to the doctor this afternoon because he just didn't seem to be getting over his sickness. He is now on an antibiotic and will hopefully start feeling better soon.

2 ~ the number of eye glasses that Jason and I have purchased in the past week.

15 ~ the number of seasons of Survivor that Jason and I have watched together. We love Thursday night TV.

2 ~ the number of books that I am currently reading. I hope to post about them when I finish.

85 ~ the amount of change that it costs me to purchase a Sonic Slush during Happy Hour. I've become quite addicted to my afternoon splurge. Thanks to my FB friends, I tried the Lemon-Berry slush this afternoon. Yum-O!

20 ~ months old. Jack will be 2 before I know it! He is having a word explosion right now. I love hearing him say words.

230 ~ the amount of money already raised for the March for Babies. We are all getting so excited about this year's march. Thank you!


Jason said...

In the event of a nuclear holocaust, we could all eat our weight in cereal for the next 5 years and not even put a dent in our stockpile. Of course, we'd have no milk. But I digress.

And I love your random lists. I think I'm rubbing off on you.

chesley said...

That cereal number is C-R-A-Z-Y! I think we have 3 & one of them is only there for hashbrown casserole. Love, love, love the lemon berry slushes!! I always stop by there when I'm out & about between 2 and 4!


Hope you are all feeling better soon...I've missed not seeing you guys. Ya'll eat that much cereal...crazy!

Joy said...

I think I might have met a family who eats more cereal than mine. Who knew?!?