Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day Trip

Jason and I always try to head down to Atlanta anytime the Cardinals come down to play. This year they came earlier than usual, so we decided to catch a game Tuesday night. We are trying to plan a trip to St. Louis this summer, so we made a day trip to Atlanta.

Joshua watched the game pretty intently. It is hard to come between him and baseball. One of our favorite moments was when all of the Braves fans around us where cheering, "Go Braves", and he sat there in our laps quietly cheering, "Go Cardinals!" Abby Kate was all about the cheering and the food. Jackson loved cheering and clapping during the game. He especially loved the "Everybody Clap Your Hands" song and pointing out the ball when it came flying up into the sky.

We all had such a great time together. I think that Jason and I went to our first baseball game together in 1997. It is so amazing to see how our lives have changed over the years. I am definitely cherishing these times and the memories that are made along the way.

Watching BP
Joshua and Abby Kate both got a ball from the Cardinals players Tuesday night. Ryan Ludwick hit Joshua's ball and Joel Pineiro threw it up into the stands for him to keep. Skip Schumaker hit Abby Kate's ball and Ryan Franklin tossed her the ball to keep. I don't think that we have ever been to a MLB game where Joshua has not gotten a ball!

This moment totally cracked me up. While Jason, Joshua and Abby Kate were watching the players during BP, Jackson and I walked around. Jackson was very fascinated by this mascot, but when the mascot got down on his level, Jackson took off running for me.

Joshua loves baseball!

Cardinal Fans!

Abby Kate


I love spending time at the ballgame with my little boy!

Jason and Abby Kate


What a game!


TARA said...

Yes, these are the days to be cherished. Ethan has a life of his own and we hardly see him now.


What a fun little day trip! It's neat that ya'll have something you can all enjoy together as a family. Your kids are making so many special memories that they will remember forever. They look like they are having so much fun!