Sunday, April 05, 2009

If I May...

Each night before bed, Jason and I have been reading a Bible story (or two) to the kids. They look forward to this time of evening more than anything else during the day. I wanted to share a few of the Bible story books that we have used because we all have really enjoyed them.

I picked up My First Message while we were out at the bookstore one day. The first thing that drew me to this Bible story book were the colorful pages and the length of the stories. Typically most Bible devotional stories are one to two pages. In this devotional book, the stories are several pages long. The text from the stories is used from The Message; it is not just a simple retelling of the story. The only dislike of this devotional book is that the story of Abraham is not shared. My First Message is for ages 4 to 8.

Joshua and Abby Kate received 100 Bible Heroes 100 Bible Songs as a Christmas gift from their friends, Lawson and Jordan. This Bible story book tells the story of 100 Bible Heroes. It also gives a Bible verse and a characteristic of a true hero with each Bible Hero. Jason and I have enjoyed reading about the great men and women of the Bible and sharing their stories with our kids. Abby Kate especially enjoyed learning about all of the people of the Bible. She can look at the pictures on the page and remember the hero and retell their story.

Recently, Jason and I took the kids to LifeWay and I ran across the My Every Day Bible Story Collections series. This series of Daily Bible Stories is a newer release. They are planning on this series containing 12 books. We got each of ours on sale for about $5 each. The kids have really enjoyed reading the stories in the Ruth & Friends book. We are looking forward to the stories in the Noah & Friends and the Elijah & Friends books. The stories in this book are much shorter, so on some nights we might read two or three. I'm very excited about this collection and am looking forward to adding to it this year. Each book also comes with a DVD that features the stories from each book and about 30 songs. These books are recommended for ages 3-7.


Jess said...

We have also read the 100 bible heroes bible story book and the kids loved it. I loved that the heroes weren't always so obvious. Thanks! Always can use a good suggestion. Our kids love bible story time before bed too. What a blessing to be able to choose from so many versions to present the stories in so many ways!

TARA said...

Hope loves her Illustrated Children's Bible New Testament. She got it for Easter last year. I think it's my favorite one too because just about every verse in the NT is illustrated. Guess I am just a visual learner!

Those all look intersting too. There are a lot more to choose from than when Ethan was little.