Monday, April 27, 2009

In My Backyard

On warm spring days, you can find us outside enjoying the sunshine in my backyard.

Right now in my backyard, you will find tons and tons of azaleas. They are so pretty and we have really enjoyed them this season.

You will be able to capture a rare moment of this little guy "chilling out" in my backyard, while he watches his big brother play ball.

In my backyard, you will find a little boy that loves to play ball. He will throw football for awhile (love that follow through shot that I got). Before you turn around, you will find that he has out his baseball glove, batting tee, baseballs, his Cardinals hat, his sunglasses to put on top of his hat (you know, like they do in the big leagues), and his Cardinals arm bands. Chances are you will not be able to keep up with this little guy. He loves playing ball!

In my backyard, you will find a little girl that absolutely loves the swings. Ever since she was a tiny baby, she loved her baby swing. She could stay in a swing for hours and if you keep pushing her, she will swing for hours.

In my backyard, when I tell my little girl that she is so pretty, she will give me her model pose by tilting her head ever so slightly to the side.

In my backyard, you'll find three kids that love to swing.

In my backyard, you will hear so many giggles from this little guy as he swings.

You can't make this child any happier than by putting him in a big green swing and pushing him high into the sky in my backyard.

In my backyard, when momma gets tired from all of the pushing, she will look up and see that her big girl is taking care of her baby brother. Of course, momma will get a picture.

In my backyard, we will check out the salamander that has crawled into part of our pond. Little brother's hands will come very close to grabbing the interesting creature (that we affectionately named Sally). Only it is the big brother that reaches in and touches Sally.


jenna said...

Awwww!!!! Your kids are so much fun!! I want to be a little girl playing in the backyard on the swing with my family again!! I am pretty sure your kids will always cherish these backyard memories-- I know I still cherish mine!

Jason said...

The pond looks disgusting in that picture. I'm glad we've cleaned up the water a little bit.

You forgot to say that in our backyard, you'll also find Momma tending the garden that she's starting.

Alice said...

Great post! Its fun to catch a glimpse of a spring day with the Bybees. Your azaleas are so pretty! Ours aren't quite bloomed out here but should be sometime this week. Also, that looks like a great swingset. I'm sure its a favorite toy for the kiddos.

Laura Beth said...

What a great swingset! How fun! And to add to your last post, we went on an Alaskan cruise and LOVED it! We will go back sometime! We also went to the Biltmore at Christmas time a couple of years ago and stayed at the Inn there. Fabulous, too!

Jamey said...

Fun activities!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

How cute is this? I had no clue how big they'd gotten! sweet sweet pictures!

Jess said...

So cute!!! Love the are a great writer and really capture some awesome pictures to tell your story too! Love the flowers..our azaleas never looked like that at our old house. They always got too much sun! Great to be able to enjoy being outside now, isn't it?


Sweet pictures! Looks like ya'll are enjoying being outside as much as we are. :)