Monday, April 06, 2009

The Start of the Season

I love baseball! I grew up an Atlanta Braves girl, but after a few years of dating Jason I quickly fell in love with the St. Louis Cardinals. I can't even begin to count the number of trips that we have made to St. Louis. I hope to do a post on all of the other parks that we visited before we started having babies. Our trips have definitely slowed down these past 5 years, but we always put forth an effort to make it to a game or two each year. We either catch the Cardinals in St. Louis, or in Atlanta. In honor of "Opening Day", I wanted to share a few pictures from our past 5 years. Jason and I love sharing the love of this game with our children. Let the games begin...

August 15, 2004
Celebrating our 5 Year Anniversary
Turner Field

October 5, 2004
2004 Division League Series
Game 1
Busch Stadium

October 27, 2004
National League Championship Series
Game 7
Busch Stadium

Going to the World Series!
Busch Stadium

April 29, 2005
Joshua and Abby Kate's First Cardinals Game
Turner Field

September 5, 2005
Joshua and Abby Kate's First Cardinals Game in St. Louis
Busch Stadium

April 24, 2006
First Cardinals Game at the new stadium
Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium

May 2, 2006
Angel Stadium

July 3, 2006
Turner Field

July 20, 2007
Just the boys!
Turner Field

July 31, 2008
Jack's First Cardinals Game
Turner Field


Jason said...

One of my favorite posts you've ever done! You should post pics of Jackson at the Stars game. But I realize it's not a "real" MLB game.

TARA said...

How wonderful that you have such precious pictures. Even more wonderful that you can locate pics from 5+ years to post here!


What sweet memories ya'll have! How neat to have something like that that ya'll can do together as a family. Cute pictures! :)

chesley said...

What a fun thing to do together. Neat memories!

Jess said...

You all huyay actually know your way around Turner Field as much as my hubby...a Braves fan from birth. Funny thing is that is my favorite team now too and baseball is a great sport to watch! Great pics!
The twins first game cracked me up with the baby carriers! Very cute!