Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our Fishy Day

I took the kids back to Chattanooga today to visit the Aquarium. We never tire of aquariums or zoos, so it was a perfect way to enjoy another hot summer day. We enjoyed a picnic lunch before hitting the aquarium and took our time watching the fish! 

 "Mom, take our picture."

 Jackson was a good rule follower remembering that you are supposed to touch the sturgeons with 2 fingers. He didn't touch one, but liked watching them.

 Today was the first time that we saw the divers feeding the sting rays. The kids and I were so engaged in watching these guys eat their meal. It was really cool!

 We took an ice cream break between the River and Ocean Journeys. Sweet moment here: Jackson knocked his ice cream cup off of the table and it landed on the floor (ice cream side down). He was really sad, but Abby Kate quickly made him feel better by giving Jackson her cup of ice cream. It's great to see these sweet moments between the kids. 

 Joshua made sure and got every last drop of his ice cream. No clue what was left on his face.

 My 3 little cuties

 The kids were a little braver this trip and actually touched AND fed the sting rays!

 We always love the penguins!

 I asked for a picture and they posed like this all on their own. 

The kids wanted to get their feet wet. I told them not to get their clothes wet. Well, Joshua and Abby Kate followed my rule, but not Jackson. He squatted down in the water and was drenched in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, I did not bring a change of clothes!

 My beautiful little princess

Joshua's "surfer dude" pose

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