Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rewind: Stitches (April 14th)

There once was a time when Jackson got stitches....

We were able to visit Seattle this year for Spring Break. (I look forward to sharing about that trip and posting some of my favorite pictures here soon.) After we got home from our trip, the kids and Jason were outside playing while I was inside the house catching up on our never ending laundry pile. I was sitting on the floor folding another load of laundry when I heard Jason bust through the garage door screaming for me and Jackson screaming in pain. I immediately felt my stomach sink as I knew whatever it was, it wasn't good.

I met Jason at the sink and instantly saw that Jackson had cut his head. Jackson had been riding his bike around the driveway and ran into Jason's tailgate. The truck tailgate is hardly ever down. Jason had been to Lowe's earlier that day and had bought some mulch that he hadn't unloaded yet. Jason had been outside with the kids and could tell as soon as Jackson cried that something had happened. Jackson got off of his bike and when he called "Daddy" and came into Jason's sight, the blood from his head started gushing out. There was blood EVERYWHERE! (When we got home, you could see the blood trail that had led from outside, through the garage, and into our house.) Jason immediately started putting pressure on Jackson's head and we talked through what had happened - all the while trying to calm Jackson down. When Jason pulled away from apply pressure, we took a good look at Jackson's wound and knew we were headed to the ER. You know, I've always had those moments where the kids get a big boo-boo and there is a lot of blood and you sit and wonder if you should go to the ER...well, I think that when they need stitches, you know. I grabbed some clean cloths and we all headed over to the ER. I was able to call a family friend and line them up to take Joshua and Abby Kate when we got there. I sat in the back of the van holding Jackson and applying pressure. The twins were so upset and were really worried about Jackson. They were the ones crying all the way to the hospital. By that point, Jackson had stopped crying and was just quietly lying there trying to move the cloths off of his head. We got to the hospital really fast and were instantly attended to.

The nurses that came in to look at Jackson felt confident that the doctor would just glue his incision closed and we'd be good as new. They were telling us all the good reasons why glue would be the better route (because of the scar) and practically had us sold on it. Once the doctor came in, he told us that Jackson would be getting stitches. He explained that the glue probably wouldn't do the trick with it being right there on his forehead, and he was afraid that it might open up again. Well, we didn't want that and the doctor didn't either. So, they prepped him for stitches. He got 4 stitches and did great. Jackson was back to his normal self the next day.

This is a very blurry picture of his gash.

While they put the numbing gel on his gash, he feel asleep waiting for the doctor to come in and stitch him up.

All stitched up and ready to go home. 

Poor baby

On April 21st, we headed over to our doctor's office to get Jackson's stitches out. 
He was such a BIG guy and was SO brave!

His scar is looking better each day. If his scar gets bumped or touched he does still complain. Hopefully over time, the pain will go away and you won't even be able to see his scar. But, he does proudly wear his scar. 

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