Monday, July 04, 2011

Summer Fun

I can hardly believe that July is here! We are all having a great summer and each day is filled with more excitement. Jason was gone for a couple of weeks in June for his doctorate of Ministry that he is beginning. We are all so very proud of him and the work that he will put in to this last level of school. I have already begun the countdown to 2014, where Jason will become a Dr.! While he was away, we had some fun of our own here at home.

We went swimming! I am amazed at all the kids can do now in the pool. Joshua loves running into the pool with a cannonball, he can do front and back flips underwater, he loves going under water to get the dive sticks, and he is a big time swimmer. Abby Kate is the fish of the water, she loves to swim under water, loves going under to get the dive sticks, loves jumping in the pool, and would spend all day in the pool if she could. Jackson is coming around to the pool now. At the beginning of the summer, I referred to him as my "1st step pool boy", but now he loves to venture out into the water with his float and loves jumping into the pool (into your arms). They have learned how to do so much more in just a few short weeks in the pool.
Abby Kate and Jackson

Abby Kate and Joshua

We enjoyed a fun week at VBS! This was Jackson's first year to go and although he was really not sure about it, I think that he had fun too. Our VBS wrap-up was during class Wednesday night, and Jackson was so proud of all the songs that he had learned and made sure that I was doing the right hand movements to all the songs. I think that he had fun correcting me when I didn't quite get it all right. I helped out in Elementary crafts and enjoyed getting to help Joshua and Abby Kate each day with their crafts.
Joshua and Abby Kate working on their pillowcases.

After Jason returned from his two week long classes, we wrapped up our t-ball season with a cookout and pool party. Joshua was so excited to get his trophy from his Daddy. I am so proud of the sacrifices of time that Jason makes to get out there on the field and coach Joshua. And, I am very proud of our little ball player! He is the best 6 year old t-ball player that I know!
Jason and Joshua after getting his trophy for the season

We helped Grandmother celebrate her birthday! Jason's mother was one of six children. Jason is one of 13 grandchildren and grandmother has 23 great-grandchildren!

I think this is a cute picture!

We were also able to celebrate the 4th with some dear friends. July 4th always has a very special memory for me. 7 years ago, my parents came down for a cook out and after they left, Jason took me out to watch fireworks in the back of his black Ranger. It was only 2 days later that we welcomed TWINS into our family! Special memories for this blessed momma!
Stacy and me in our pink shirts!

Jackson found a tree to climb in while waiting for the fireworks to begin.

Joshua also had fun hanging out on a tree.

My love!

Joshua and Abby Kate waiting on the fireworks to begin!

Happy 4th of July!

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