Thursday, June 23, 2011


Before we headed back home on Tuesday, we went back over to Tara's to make pickles. Tara purchased about 6 pounds of pickling cucumbers the day before up in Kentucky and when we arrived, she had already prepped the kitchen for pickle making.

I've never made pickles before, but thought that I would tag along in the process to learn. Jason and I recently watched "The Pickle Story" from The Andy Griffith Show. We got a little tickled talking about the show and how if you mention to anyone that you are making pickles, well, you've just got to try theirs too. The pickles were super easy to make and I can't wait to give my jar of pickles a taste!

6 pounds of pickling cucumbers

We sliced the cucumbers and filled our pint jars with the slices. 

Abby Kate was eager to help us out with the process.

And Jackson was really helpful too.

After we simmered our "mix", we filled each jar until the cucumbers were covered.

Then the jars of cucumbers took a water bath for a few minutes.

This is the "mix" that we used to fill our jars.

After the jars finished soaking in their water bath, we pulled them out to cool on the counter. I loved hearing all the seals "pop".

 We had so much fun over at Tara's! She is a great cook and a wonderful sister-in-law! I love that we took the time to do this. I truly feel this is an art that is quickly leaving us. I'm wanting to soak up all I can about canning and putting up fresh vegetables! I can't wait to try our pickles.


Anonymous said...

You're a regular aunt Bee!

I've noticed how Joshua is nowhere to be found in any of the kitchen pictures! Too busy playing ball?

Lindsey said...

I love the "Kerosene Pickles" episode :) Yours look great! I love those kiddos of yours...they are SO sweet :)