Wednesday, June 22, 2011

To Kentucky We Did Go

I was able to head up to the land of the Mennonites in Kentucky with my fabulous sister-in-law, Tara and my niece, Hope. Tara has a wonderful cooking website that you should check out. We were on a mission to find corn, green beans, and whatever else happened to look good. I bought a box of corn, but found out that we were a little early for the green beans. Tara picked up a few more things - peaches, pickling cucumbers, and eggplant. We stopped off at one of the little stores and I treated the kids to a snack of their choosing. We had a fun time driving through the little Mennonite community and buying the freshest veggies to put up for the summer. We finished our trip to Kentucky with lunch at a little Mexican restaurant and then headed back to Tara's house to begin our corn process. The last time that I had made corn with Tara was back in 2008. I definitely loved putting away the corn with Tara and Hope, but it is definitely messy. Abby Kate, Joshua, and Jackson even provided helping hands this year.

We ended up with 2 boxes of corn to put away.

Shucking corn is a great upper body workout. 

Helpful hands help wash and silk the cobs of corn.

I love this picture.

And then we cut the corn off the cob - all 160 ears.

We ended up with 3 of these big bowls of cut corn.

Then we boiled the corn off a pot at a time. 

Our finished product!
This picture makes me so happy!
I'm excited to know that we will have fresh corn for the year now!


The HoneaBees said...

Makes me want my veges to hurry and come in!! You can come help me too! :)
Oh, and I will take that kitchen! Awesome! I think I would have more fun putting up my vegetables if I were there too!

Tara said...

Hopefully or kids will carry on our tradition. So glad you could come up for part of the week!