Friday, June 03, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

I decided a few weeks ago to take the kids strawberry picking after Joshua's t-ball game finished that morning. Jason had a meeting planned that afternoon, so I was looking for something fun to do with the kids. The last time we went to pick strawberries, we had quite an eventful time with the storm that rolled in while we were in the fields. This day was full of sunshine, but it was SO HOT!

We all had a great time looking for the perfect strawberries to fill our bucket. Joshua was the best strawberry picker, Abby Kate didn't really care for it too much, and Jackson was content to eat the ones that he picked right there in the field. All in all, we really did have a fun time together and came away with a perfectly picked gallon and then I decided to buy one more gallon that had been pre-picked. We stopped off at Sonic for a "picnic lunch in the car" and then headed home.

This year, I decided to try and make strawberry freezer jam. The process was really simple, but time will tell if my work has paid off. I definitely feel that canning, preserving, and all the like are dying arts and I am more willing than ever to give it a try. You can't learn anything if you don't try. Right? I'm really excited to go back into the fields this year and get some corn and maybe even a few more veggies to try and put up for the winter and next year. In my book, there is nothing better than fresh veggies and fruits. I can't wait to see how my strawberry freezer jam turns out!

 Jumping right into pickin'

 Jackson looking for a perfect strawberry for our family.

 Here's one Mom!

 Joshua is proud of his pick.

 Abby Kate and Joshua helping find more strawberries.

 Jackson couldn't resist just a little taste!

Strawberry Pickin' 2011

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