Saturday, July 09, 2011

Seven Years!!!!!!! How Can It Be?

I cannot believe that I am a momma to not one, but two, seven years old!!! Wow!!! Where did all the time go? We've had fun celebrating birthdays these last three weeks. We headed up to Nashville the day before Joshua and Abby Kate's birthday. My parents had dinner and cakes for us and we were excited to celebrate all three kids' birthdays with family.

Joshua and Jackson each had their own chocolate "Cars 2" cake. Abby Kate is a white cake lover and was tickled to have a "Tangled" birthday cake! They've been begging for these themes for weeks now! My parents came through big time for each of them.

After dinner and cake, Jason and I took the kids out to a drive-in theater. This was a first for Jason and me. The kids went to their first drive-in last summer. We watched Cars 2 again and it was AWESOME!!! Definitely a fun experience for everyone! Since the show doesn't begin until dark, it definitely made for a late night.

We woke up the next morning to two VERY excited birthday kids! They were so eager to celebrate their birthday. Jason went out and got us doughnuts with chocolate sprinkles for breakfast! Afterwards, we set up the kids' birthday presents. This year, we didn't wrap anything, but set it all out like Christmas. And, it definitely seems like Christmas when two kids get birthday presents. This year, we were able to give the kids SEVEN gifts in honor of their seventh birthday. They loved every minute of it!

After our gift time, we headed out to lunch at Chili's with Tara, Micah, and Hope and then the kids were eager to head to the toy store to spend a little bit of their birthday money! And, going into a big toy store with 3 young buyers is very time consuming. However, they loved every minute of it.

We had so much fun celebrating Joshua and Abby Kate's birthday! I can honestly say that these seven years have flown by. I have enjoyed each stage that they have been in. It goes by too quickly! I feel more than blessed to be the mommy of 3 adorable children! They are my pure joy!

We love you Joshua Alan and Abby Katherine!

Jason and his boys

My two little men

Joshua is very proud that he is now SEVEN years old!!!!!!!

Abby Kate is excited to be SEVEN, and it seems like she is going on seventeen!!!!!!!

Jackson is a very happy FOUR year old!!!!

I LOVE this picture of Abby Kate! 

Joshua showing off one of his presents!

Abby Kate has been BEGGING for a Bitty Baby stroller since Christmas! 
It was definitely the highlight of her birthday gifts!

My sweet babies! Hard to believe that they are now 7, 7, and 4! I am one blessed momma!

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