Monday, January 22, 2007

Our 1st Trip To The Dentist

Abby Kate and Joshua had their first trip to the dentist this past week. They both really enjoyed their "happy" visit to see Dr. Kimbrough.

Abby Kate went on Wednesday while Dad and Joshua met for lunch at McDonalds (The highlight of their time together was that Joshua got to ride back to Dad's work in his big truck). Ms. Amber counted 20 teeth in Abby Kate's mouth and gave her a pink toothbrush. Before she left she was allowed to pick from a basket of toys and after much deliberation decided on a pink Barbie paddleball set. When Dr. Kimbrough came in to check on Abby Kate she hid and was very shy. After we left, Abby Kate and I had lunch together at McAlister's Deli where Abby Kate ate all of her toasted cheese, cheetos and teddy grahams. We had a great time together!

Joshua visited the dentist office on Thursday morning. Joshua and I left the house together in the van and Abby Kate rode to work with Daddy in his truck. Joshua was very excited about going to the dentist office. When we pulled up to Dr. Kimbrough's office, he told me that he wanted a RED toothbrush. He was so excited to be at "our dentist's office, mommy". He flirted with all of the ladies in the office while we waited for our turn. Ms. Scarlet counted 20 teeth and gave Joshua a red toothbrush. Joshua brushed the dinosaur's big teeth and picked out a red race car from the toy basket. Dr. Kimbrough came in and Joshua talked with him about his red toothbrush and race car. Joshua and I left the dentist's office and headed up to church to pick up Abby Kate. Joshua really enjoyed his time at the dentist.

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Jamey said...

Another milestone! They are both growing up into beautiful young children instead of beautiful little babies!