Monday, April 07, 2008

Eating My Words

Jason and I started dating back in May of 1995. We dated for 3 years and then got engaged. After a year long engagement we married in 1999. For the first 5 years of our marriage, it was just the two of us (well, 3 if you count in Andy who I got as a 1 year anniversary gift). Jason and I went to the movies countless times, ate out at restaurants every chance that we had and traveled. We enjoyed our "couple" time and then decided that it was time to have a baby. Little did we know that God saw fit to bless us with TWO little babies! Well, those two little babies grew and we prayed for God to bless us with another baby. Here we are, after 13 years (I'm including the dating years here), with 3 healthy children. God has truly blessed our family.

Now, on to me telling you how I am eating my words...

Well, when Jason and I were in our dating/engagement days, we would often talk about how things would be when we were actually married. We talked about how it would be so nice to be able to order take-out and rent a movie AT HOME! We always said that we would make sure to make time to go out. Even when the kids came, we would STILL go out on dates. We couldn't understand why some people would not take the time to find a babysitter and go out and enjoy a night together without the kids.


If Jason and I choose to go out, we have to pay for a babysitter. We have 3 kids, 1 income, and a babysitter is just not cheap these days. If we just paid the babysitter, it would be doable. (That word looks really funny typed out! Is it even a word?) If we decided to eat dinner and see a movie, we'd probably blow the week's grocery budget in ONE night!!! Sometimes it is really hard not having any family in town. However, we do have these awesome and amazing friends who kept our kids for us the other night (FOR FREE)! Corey and Alisha we love you guys so much! It is so amazing to see the way our families have changed from our college days to now.

Thanks to Corey and Alisha, Jason and I were able to get dinner, run a few errands, and we even splurged for ice cream at Brewsters! These moments are becoming fewer and farther between. When we get one, we really soak it up and appreciate it.


Amy said...

Yeah, it's like $100 easily out the window! For a good purpose, but still out the window.

That's why John and I go out to lunch every so-often while the kids are in school. (It has taken us many years to get to this point!)

I'm glad you got in some couple time!

Sunny said...

Amy - we've started going out for lunches too! Fortunately, we do have the kids in preschool a couple of days a week. We still have Jackson, but at least we do get to squeeze in lunch every now and then.

TARA said...

Richard's sister and husband (Becky and FH) have had a weekly date for years. I envy them sooo much. Now our kids are old enough that we don't necessarily need a sitter and we still don't go out. We manage about 4 dates a year!

Stacy said...

I don't vaccuum nearly as much as I should! Then again I don't clean anything as much as I should! You are a great house-keeper!

I can't believe Jackson is crawling everywhere! I can't wait to see him!

I'm glad your kids got over the wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night fits before you had to spend the week home alone!

I'm glad Jason's home safe and one class closer to May! Congrats to both of you for getting through this accomplishment!

Finally...(Catching up on commets-Whew!)
I'm so glad you were able to spend some time on a date! Shame, however, on you for thinking you don't have anyone to call!!! Especially now that Jackson is older and not as 'attached' we'd love to start swapping out nights and just hanging out again!!

Talk to you later! :)

Jamey said...

Amen, Sunny, Amen. Most of our friends here who have kids also have family in town, so we don't feel like we would be able to repay the favor. Then there are our friends who don't have kids yet to trade off with, and we feel like we ask for their help too much!


Glad ya'll got some alone time. It is so important to have that but so hard to get it once kids come along. I can't imagine how hard it is for ya'll not having family in town. I know that I take that for granted from time to time. It is refreshing just having that break and realizing what it's like just being alone again.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

yeah. my parents live in town and i was thinking the other day how i should make sure never to take that for granted. whats the going rate these days anyway???

Alisha said...

You are so welcome! We really did have a good time the other night and were so glad that it worked out for us to keep the kids. We feel so close to them that we really enjoy getting to have some time with them on our own. I hope you know that we are always willing to fill in as your family in town. (you know... Uncle Corey & Aunt Alisha) : )

chesley said...

I can't imagine not being near family. I know we are so spoiled. Even so, we don't get out on our own near as much as we should. When we do, we always wonder why we waited so long. Glad you guys were able to spend some time together!