Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Room Redo

Jason and I have been busying ourselves with some room redecorating. This past weekend we put the finishing touches on Jackson's nursery. I think that his room has been "in progress" for over a year now. Joshua got a new bed the other day, and so Jason and I gave Jackson the furniture that was in Joshua's room. The furniture that Jackson now has is the nursery furniture that my parent's bought for Abby Kate and Joshua's nursery before they were born. They shared the same bed and room for the first 5 or 6 months. I love Jackson's nursery furniture and the way that his room turned out. His bed will convert to a toddler bed when we are ready to transition him out of the crib. One day, Jason and I will convert it to a full sized bed when Jackson is older. For now Jackson's room is finished!

Jackson's room before paint.

Jackson' room painted.

Jackson's finished nursery!


Amy said...

wow, from pre paint to paint makes a huge difference!! i love his "new" furniture though, it looks very nice in his room. you are a good decorator!

Stacy said...

It looks so nice, Sunny! Your parents and grandmother have HOOKED your kids UP with some nice furniture!!! It's beautiful!

Jamey said...

It is amazing how much paint can make a difference!

I want to see pictures of Abby Kate and Joshua's rooms too!

TARA said...

It really suits him. Micah has outgrown his bed. If we get him a longer bed, it will have to be queen size. But his room isn't big enough for a bed that size. We are really at a loss for what to do in there!

Laura Beth said...

It looks great! I love the green . . . my favorite color!