Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Too Much TV

When I was a little girl, I loved reading any book out of The Berenstain Bears collection. I think that "Too Much TV" and "Learn About Strangers" were some of my favorites. 

One of my discussion board projects for my summer education course was to write about a show that either I enjoyed as a child or that my children enjoy. I choose to discuss the show that my children love the most, Dora, The Explorer. At the beginning of my discussion, I stated that I don't really let my children watch that much tv. On any given day, they might get to see one 30 minute show. That does not mean that there are days where they might get to watch more, but the majority of the time the tv is off in our house. I had several other responses to my discussion board post, but one really shocked me. Keep in mind that this was an education class. One of the other students in the class told me that she really saw the value in children watching tv (the educational value - point taken). One of her arguments was that children that stay home with their mom need to have "real-life" experiences and that the only way that they will get that is to watch tv. She recommended that all children should watch a minimum of 3 HOURS a day!!!!! 

Excuse me! I believe that my children have plenty of "real-life" experiences! In fact, they probably get more than their fair share when we leave our house. I do not see the educational value in letting any child watch 3 hours of tv a day. I guess that I tend to agree with The Berenstain Bears in saying that 3 hours is just "Too Much TV". 


What are some of your favorite childhood shows?

If you have kids, what is their favorite show?


Jason said...

I'll tell you one show I'm never watching again: Man vs. Wild.

I used to love this show called Today's Special. It came on PBS when I was growing up. Anybody ever seen it?

TARA said...

I wasn't allowed to watch much TV either. I loved Gilligan's Island and Gomer Pyle USMC. That's about all I really remember.

For our anniversary, I got Richard the complete collection of DICK VAN DYKE. I never watched this show as a child. So we've begun watching the collection with the family. Micah commented the other day that this was his FAVORITE show ever. The show is truly funny and is not like the sit-coms today. He appreciates that.

I think it is much more important to instill a love of reading in children than a love of TV. You have to foster a love of learning. Kids have a natural ability to become couch potatoes -so there's not much effort needed there.

As for the comment that children need 3+ hours of TV a day??!! Does this person have children of her own? I doubt it. We don't have time to watch 3 hours a day if we are going to be well rounded citizens. There's just so many other incredible ways to have fun.

alice said...

I hope that your classmate got an F. She obviously doesn't know much about education or child development to suggest it being desirable for a child to watch 3 hours of TV a day. The thought that TV reflects "real life" is a rather sick one.

There is little TV in our house. Mostly as special treats. I didn't watch too much TV growing up either. I remember loving the Brady Bunch, Sesame St, and Cosby Show at different periods of life. I also liked Alf. Anyone remember that show?

Jamey said...

Avery watches Sesame Street most days, but after that, the tv is off. (Of course there are a few days where that is different.)

Jason, I LOVED Today's Special! My mom had two things marked on our clock: When Daddy came home, and Today's Special!

I still can't get over 3 hours! Madness.

Stacy said...

My kids watch the most when I pop in a movie b/c I'm trying to clean or get something done. Other days, we watch a show in the morning while eating fruit bars (and mommy lays on the couch trying to wake up) and sometimes a show while I'm getting dinner ready after their naptime.

It's (sadly) getting easier and easier to let them watch more b/c they will actually watch it now...for the first 2-2 1/2 years my kids wouldn't watch anything!!!

I think our days actually even out. Some days we are out of the house all day, busy running errands or going to the park or to friends' houses and we don't watch ANY tv...other days we're cooped up inside b/c of rain or cleaning or just no plans and we watch a little more to make the day more bearable.

My favorite shows as a child were Sesame Street (and b/c I lived 10 miles from Canada I saw both versions...French and Spanish!) and Little House on the Prairie and game shows like Wheel Of Fortune and Family Feud.

My kids love Dora, Curious George, Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And Lawson loves all movies....I think if the tv's on he could go 3 days w/out eating or pottying! :)

(Sorry for such a long comment!)

Kim said...

That person must not have any children!! I notice my kids act so much better the less TV they watch - they drive me crazy when they get 3 hours of TV {b/c there have been times - embarrassed to admit it!}

Thanks for visiting!!

Kelli said...

Hi. I read your blog from time to time (from Hilary's portfolio) and HAD to comment on this one. Now, I will say that my children watch much more TV than they should BUT I am floored by that lady's comment. Real life would only be experienced by REAL LIFE. You are doing a great job with your kids, I wish I was as disciplined.
My kids love Little Einsteins and the Backyardigans.

Collegegirl said...

3 hours! What in the world? Some of my favorite kiddy shows are Franklin, Dora, Sesame Street, and Arthur. Can you tell I babysit?

Supabloggasuprememama said...

WHAT? three hours????

we are in the process of cutting back, ourselves, but with emerson being such a pain we've been watching a little more than necessary. booooo.

jason: totally loved today's special.
I loved sesame street.
Aiden loves little einsteins and wow wow wubbzy
and can I just say I LOVE sponge bob square pants even though its age inappropriate??? love it.