Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beach Retreat 2009

Our family was invited to the JR High Beach Retreat this year. We had such a great time last year and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to go back. The kids have grown so much from our last beach trip. This year we headed down a day early and had so much fun at the beach and in the pool.

Jason made my birthday extra special this year. The night before my birthday, Jason headed out to Target for a gift with all 3 kids. On Friday, I woke up to Abby Kate and Joshua singing to me. They were so excited to give me their gift. Jason said that they had all picked it out ON THEIR OWN. I got a pack of Frappucino's (which are my favorite), a Dove milk chocolate bar (which is also my favorite), and a bonus 4 pack of ChapStick (which I can't live without). The kids even picked out my birthday card. They were so proud and I enjoyed every bit of it! For my birthday this year, I got a new purse and another present that is on special order; so I'm still waiting for it. I think that I have a hint as to what it is since Joshua decided to tell me. :) Later that night, we had dinner at Sea n' Suds with Corey and Alisha. I loved every minute of my "beach birthday"!

It is amazing to see how the kids enjoy the beach each year. I have such fond memories of Joshua and Abby Kate's first beach trip and Jackson's first beach trip last year. This year the kids really enjoyed the pool more so than the beach. I am the exact same way when it comes to the beach. I like it, but I would rather swim in the pool. Jason, on the other hand, LOVES the ocean water and has the best time riding the waves. Jackson probably loved the ocean the most. As soon as we were near the water's edge, he took off for the water! He loved it! It was so precious to see him giggling so hard at all of the waves crashing around him as Jason held him. Joshua loved running up to the water and then running back to the shore as soon as the water would reach him. He also found lots of seashells that he enjoyed throwing into the ocean. Abby Kate preferred the sand. She got out in the water a little bit, but really enjoyed the safety of the sand much more.

There was one moment when we were all out in the ocean water together and a huge wave came and crashed down on all of us. Jason was coming back in from being out in the water with Jackson. I was meeting Jason half way and he was going to take out Abby Kate and Joshua. I looked up for a brief second and saw a big wave coming and quickly grabbed Jackson's arm and told Jason to do the same. Jason grabbed Jackson and helped me pull him up and also reached out for Joshua who was hanging on for dear life. Poor Abby Kate didn't grab onto my arm soon enough, so she got knocked off of her feet. It was at that moment that all 5 of us stood in the middle of the ocean screaming, grabbing for each other, and holding onto each other for dear life. I'm sure that we were quite the funny scene to all those walking by watching our family of 5 fighting the waves of the ocean.

We all had so much fun at the ocean and the pool this year. Joshua, Abby Kate and Jackson love the water and we spent every moment that we could in the water. Abby Kate and Joshua picked right back up with where they were last year with swimming. Jackson continues to show NO FEAR when it comes to anything, including the water!

We took some family pictures our last night there. I am hoping to get those up soon! Until then, here are several beach snapshots!

Ready for the beach!

A little hesitant to get in all of that water

Checking out the waves!
They were huge!

Abby Kate preferred to stay away from the water.

This is one of my favorites of Jason and Jackson!

Jason and Jackson

Joshua loved feeling the sand wash out from underneath his feet.

This is another favorite picture.

Jackson held onto Jason like a little koala bear after catching a wave!

Abby Kate and Joshua at the pool!

Check out those poor babies that are waiting for the rain to pass!

Jason, Abby Kate and Joshua at the pool

Jackson waiting for dinner at Sea n' Suds

Celebrating my birthday!
Thank you all so much for all of your kind words and birthday wishes!
Can you tell that we snap when we are trying to get the kids' attention for a picture? Joshua is taking after his daddy.

Jason and Jackson waiting to eat lunch at DeSoto's. DeSoto's is our family's favorite restaurant in Gulf Shores! Apparently they have really good seafood. I wouldn't know since the only seafood that I eat is hush puppies. :)


Joy said...

great pictures...what an awesome way to spend your birthday =)

Jamey said...

What a sweet family! Sounds like you all had a great time. The pictures are fantastic!

Laura Beth said...

What a fun trip - especially on your birthday! Great pictures!


How fun! What a special birthday for you this year! I'm glad ya'll got to have a family trip to the beach. :) Sweet pictures!

chesley said...

Looks like a fun trip. Joshua looks like a little muscle man in that 1st picture!

Stacy said...

Glad you guys had such a great weekend!!! Looks like you and the kids all had so much fun! You got some cute pics! :)

brooke said...

Your pictures are sooo good! This makes me so excited about going to the beach! I wish I was there now, just sitting on the beack watching everyone...that peaceful feeling.