Sunday, May 03, 2009

Just Some Pictures

Jackson loves keys and phones. Here recently he has taken a strong liking to his pockets that are on his pants. Jack is constantly asking me to put his phones or his keys in his pockets. He loves putting them in his pockets and pulling them out of his pockets.

One morning Jack looked a little bottom heavy at his ankles and I was trying to see why he was walking with a big time swagger. I guess that he realized that his pajama bottoms didn't have pockets, so he improvised. I found about 8 cell phones and a couple of rings of keys stuffed in the bottom of his pajamas.

I absolutely love these moments! I don't think that I will ever grow tired of watching my babies sleep.

While trying to get some work finished around the house, I turned on a Dora for the kids to watch. All three of them love watching Dora, Diego, and The WonderPets. Jackson and Abby Kate have a very unique bond between the two of them. I was always so worried that Jackson would always feel left out because Joshua and Abby Kate are so unbelievably close. But Abby Kate loves to take care of her little brother. Abby Kate and Jackson are just so sweet and precious together.

The kids had a movie night the other night with Jason while I was out. Jason said that they loved covering up under their blankets and watching a movie before bedtime. How fun!

Abby Kate and I recently had a girls night away visiting with my parents. We had so much fun going out to eat with them and shopping for some summer clothes. Aren't PawPaws and Nanas the best? Abby Kate is very excited about being a flower girl in my cousin's wedding this summer and we attended her Bridal Tea on Sunday afternoon. My mom, grandmother, Abby Kate and I enjoyed a nice dinner together at Olive Garden before Abby Kate and I headed home. I really love this picture of my mom with my little girl.

Jackson loves lemons! We found out early on that he will eat an entire lemon wedge. I've never known a child to love lemons so much! Here he is chowing down on one at my parents' house.


Joy said...

cute pics! cole used to love to eat lemons, too. he would make the most horrible face & then go right back for another bite. he did outgrow he won't touch them.

Laura Beth said...

I love watching my kids sleep. I could watch them forever! :) That's sweet to see the bond between Abby Kate and Jackson, too!

Jason said...

Great pictures. I love the ones of them cuddling up on the living room floor for movie night. I thought you'd like that picture!


Cute pictures, Sunny. I never grow tired of seeing my kids sleep either. They're so peaceful and sweet. :) It's sweet that Abby Kate is so good to Jackson. It's neat how little girls are just born to be "motherly" and little boys...not so much. :)