Monday, May 04, 2009

Out Back

This evening before dinner, we were finally able to go outside and play. It has been raining here forever and it has started up AGAIN!!! While we were out, the horses that back up to our property decided to come over and see what all of us were up to. Of course, I headed inside to get my camera and take a ton of pictures.

Jackson LOVES horses so much! He is constantly looking for them when he wakes up, goes down for a nap or to bed at night and while he is playing throughout the day. He absolutely loves farm animals and this was the first time that he got to see the horses up close this spring.

He loved looking at the pretty horses, but didn't really care to pet them like Abby Kate and Joshua did.

Down by the fence

That is one big horse!

This is the "Daddy" horse according to Abby Kate and Joshua.

Shaking his hair
After Jackson saw this horse shake his hair, he did the exact same thing! It was too cute!

Such a beautiful horse!

3 horses checking out my 3 kids

Got an itch?

Bye for now guys!


Laura Beth said...

How fun to have horses back up to your property! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You guys are lucky. Have your kids ever gotten to ride horses? My Dad had one when I was growing up and I loved it.


Jason said...

I loved watching Jack wave at the horses! I'm predicting a cowboy / cowgirl birthday party.


How neat to have those pretty horses right in your backyard! They are so pretty! I'm sure the kids love looking at them.