Thursday, May 21, 2009

Proud Tee Ball Momma

Joshua and Abby Kate had their first tee ball game of the season this past Tuesday night. We are playing for the Marlins this year. Last year we asked both kids if they wanted to play; Joshua, of course, said yes; Abby Kate said no. But after the first game of the season, she started talking about how much she wanted to play. So this year, they're both on the same team.

I love watching my kids play ball! Joshua just loves the game! He pretty much knows all of the "big" baseball players and watches them on Sports Center. He is always open to watching any baseball game that is on TV. I've had to put a ban on all balls and bats in our house, but my little Joshua will still find a way to play the game inside. For his birthday last year, he received some baseball bases and he loves setting them up in a circle from the playroom to the living room and back to the playroom. He has found the last few balls remaining in our house and hits them with one of Jackson's mini bats that he got with a Little Tykes toy. Joshua just loves baseball! I am one proud momma when I see the way he loves and plays the game.

Abby Kate is so excited to be playing tee ball this spring. When she is on the field, you will find her grinning from ear to ear. She has done so great this season and I love hearing Joshua praise her. The other night on the way home from practice, Joshua told her just how great of a job she had done with hitting the ball. Those are the moments that just melt my heart. At the start of tee ball practice, Abby Kate had been hitting right handed. We're pretty sure Abby Kate is right handed since she does a lot with her right hand, but here lately I've noticed her using her left hand when she's using her scissors. Throughout our practices, she has tried to hit right handed, but she pretty much has been trying to hit it to the backstop. Last night, we tried something a little different - we let her hit left handed. It worked! It was so much more natural and she got in some pretty good hits. We know Joshua is a lefty and Jackson eats and throws with his left hand; if Abby Kate ends up being a lefty, we'll be 3-for-3! Or Abby Kate may be like Jason, who is actually right handed but he's always batted lefty. I've really enjoyed the happiness that Abby Kate has about tee ball. She is one of two girls on the team and I'm so happy that she is playing this year!

Abby Kate #2

Joshua #9

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Jason said...

I love that last picture. He's got a good lookin' swing, if I do say so myself.