Sunday, August 09, 2009

Everyone Needs A Good Laugh

Here recently, I've been able to capture a few funny pictures. Here are a few that make me laugh every time!

I guess that Jason was talking to one of the kids, but this picture definitely makes me laugh.

Poor Joshua!
My little Joshua is allergic to mosquito bites and he always swells so badly. I snapped this picture on the first day of school! Even though this picture makes me laugh, I still think that the picture of his swollen ear is the funniest. (One day Joshua is going to be pretty upset with me.)

Lookout world!
This little guy will be hitting the streets in about 14 years!

Can you guess where Jason is?
Yep, he is riding in the BACK of our van!
We went out for dinner every night while at the beach. We always wanted to ride together and this was the only way to get our party of 7 into our ride. The best was when we pulled up to The Original Oyster House and I hopped out and let my dad out of the back. I'm not kidding here, a woman stopped walking and said, "Wait! I've just got to see how many people they have crammed into their vehicle." Fun memories....


Laura Beth said...

Okay, I laughed out loud at that last one. . . ha!

JAB said...

I'm here to entertain.