Saturday, August 08, 2009

Our Trip To St. Louis

Last weekend, we took the kids to St. Louis to see a Cardinal game. I had been hesitant about taking the kids to St. Louis in July because of the heat, but the weather couldn't have been any better! This was Jackson's first game at Busch Stadium. Jason and I have so many fond memories of our trips to St. Louis (he's been taking me since we were in college), and we have had the best time creating new memories with our children.

Joshua was our wide-eyed wonder this trip! He knows so much about baseball and he really knows his Cardinals. He is really in awe of Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina (Joshua calls him by his nickname "Yadi"). Every time they would come to the plate, he would cheer his little heart out! Side note: Jason and I saw Yadi play minor league ball in Johnson City when he was a rookie right out of high school. Joshua spent the whole game with his glove on his hand. He told his sister that he was going to try and catch a ball for her! As for Abby Kate, she enjoyed the game, but she really loves the snacks that come with the game.

This was Jackson's first Cardinals game at Busch Stadium and he loved it! He loved cheering and clapping and really found a new love of peanuts. Jason tried helping him open his peanuts, but he wanted to do it all by himself. He is getting bigger every day!

We had such a great time together at the game. As we were leaving, Joshua said "Guys, this is the best ball park EVER! Can we come back here every year?" We spent the rest of the weekend back in Nashville for a wedding and some more time with family.


joy said...

So glad you all got to enjoy your "last hurrah" before school started. Sounds like you all had a great time & how about Joshua wanting to catch a ball for Abby Kate. Those are the moments that melt your heart, aren't they? And, I'm lovin' that Abby Kate has her purse. Adorable.


Cute pics! I love Abby Kate's little outfit. I'm glad ya'll had a fun trip before school started. :)