Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Super Cheap Deals

This week I have been really pleased with my bargains! I know that the people ringing me up must think that I am the biggest nerd, but I just LOVE saving money!!!! Here are my deals for the week...

10 cents!!!!
Yep, I got 2 packages of diapers for $.10 at CVS.
Advertised sale: $10 each
If you buy 2 packages, you get $5 in Extra Care Bucks (FREE MONEY).
I received a $2 off coupon in the mail the other day, I also had the P&G, $1 coupon that I used in this transaction.
At a previous visit to CVS, I received $12.50 in ECB's.
I spent $5.10 and got back $5 ECB.
I got my diapers for 10 cents!!!

58 cents!
CVS had their kleenex tissues, bogo for $2.39 each.
I had $2 in ECB.
I got 2 boxes of kleenex's for 58 cents!

36 cents!!!
CVS had their Colgate Total toothpaste buy 1 for $2.99, get $2 in ECB.
I had a coupon for $1 off. So I paid, $2.11, and got back $2.
For my 1 tube of Colgate Total, I paid 11 cents!!!

Kroger had their Crest toothpaste for $1 each.
I bought five tubes for $5.
I had two $.50 coupons, that were doubled for $2 off.
I then used two $1 coupons for $2 off.
And then, I used $.75 coupon.
I paid 25 cents for 5 tubes of Crest toothpaste!

I also bought 4 - 12 packs of Pepsi products at CVS the other day.
They were on sale for $12.
I used my $5 in ECB and spent $7.57 out of pocket.
For my purchase, I got $4 in ECB.
After my ECB, I got 4 -12 packs for $3.57!!!

I love shopping the sales and getting my super cheap deals!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE reading about your deals!! I rarely buy anything that is not on sale...but I have a question. Can you use more than one coupon for the same product? Do stores let you do that? If so, I had no idea!?! Thanks for the info!

Jamey said...

I'm jealous about the diapers....


brooke said...

Are you kidding me??

Sunny said...

Shannon, I'll try my best to explain...

I have always been able to use more than 1 coupon at Target. Sometimes when you shop, you get a "Target" coupon. I always use the "manufacture" coupon with the "store" coupon. I have read that if someone tries to deny you that right, that you do have the right to speak with a manager. You should be able to use both the store and manufactures coupons together.

I have never been able to use more than 1 manufacture coupon with 1 sale item.

The best time to use your coupons is when an item is on sale. You can really score some great deals and if the store doubles coupons, you can pretty much get the item for free (or with pennies).

Sunny said...

One more thing....

You can make as many different transactions at CVS as you want. I have been known to make a purchase, get my ECB, make another purchase and use my new ECB right then (I just tear it off will being rung up). They don't mind, and there is never a line.