Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Day Pictures and My Ramblings

We started back to school a couple of weeks ago. As you have heard by now, I made the decision to return to the classroom. It has been a decision that we have been praying about for a VERY long time! Here I sit, 8 days later, and this transition is going very well. Jason has seen to it that this transition takes as much stress off of me as possible. He (and the kids) love Daddy Days, he does the laundry, helps pack the lunches, does the dishes, the grocery shopping, and he evens drops my cell phone off at school when I leave without it. *I'm going to do a little bit more bragging...Jason is always this way! He is always willing to do anything and everything to help out around the house. We are a team, and we do things together! We always have, and we always will! * He has been so overwhelming supportive and I am so very thankful for all that he does! Since I started the school year, we have had something EVERY SINGLE night! I am really looking forward to having a more typical work week soon.

On Friday, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It was such a sweet surprise to wake and find what Jason had written here on my blog. I love Jason so very much and I am so blessed to be his wife. Jason treated me to dinner at Connor's and then to see the movie, Julie and Julia. Now, I am not a big girly/chick flick type movie goer, but I thought this movie would be a good one! I love food! I love to cook it. I love to eat it. And, I love to watch Food Network. I really wanted to see this movie, so Jason agreed and we saw this movie after our fabulous dinner. It was so good and very funny! I did get tickled that Jason ended up being 1 of about 6 men in that theater.

AND, if all that was not enough, he gave me an incredible anniversary gift - a diamond anniversary ring! It is so beautiful!

Okay, so I started off this post hoping to post pictures of the kids' first days of school. As you can tell, I got a bit sidetracked! Anyways, here's a little about school starting back for the kids...

Joshua and Abby Kate are at the little school where I now work. This is their 3rd year and they absolutely love it! They can't wait for their school days to roll around and are so excited to learn (and play). Jason and I made a HUGE decision a couple of years ago to let our children "start late". We sought the advice of medical and educational professionals about our decision. I could list the numerous reasons for our decision, but I feel that our decision is just that, our decision. The kids are really enjoying their Pre-K class so far and they are so proud of the work that they are doing!

Jackson also started a Mother's Morning Out program 2 days a week. He is SO HAPPY!!! There were no tears on the first day and he loved nothing more than going to school with his Daddy! He feels so big and is happy to tell me all about his day. "Momma - school - ride - dada's - truck!" I love his broken sentences, they are just too cute! He loves his lunchbox and insisted that I pack it one night (although he wasn't going to school the next day). You may be counting the days in your head, so I'll go ahead and answer the question that you have. We have the BEST family friend that comes to our house 2 days a week to take care of Jackson.


Abby Kate



Dana said...

Hey, I might think about going back to work if it gets me that kind of treatment! Glad that it is going well. It's so nice when you can have them there with you!


chesley said...

ok, so i'm seriously jealous of the help you're's been one of those weeks 'round here & that would be heaven! so glad everything is going so well with your transition! i know how much easier that makes it for you to be at peace with it!

Jamey said...

How great! I'm glad your transition is going so smoothly.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

how sweet is that entry below! congrats on ten years! glad the transition went also glad im not the only one with a really helpful hubby. I feel like I catch so much grief from that one...its awesome to be a team at home!

ps no lie, my word verification is siners. spelled wrong but still funny.