Thursday, October 02, 2008

Another Kind of a Gift

Two days ago, Jason surprised with me with another gift. As I stated last week, he has always been so sweet with his gift giving. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors. Many years ago, Jason and I stopped off at Cracker Barrel and "rented" an audio book by Sparks. I was hooked and have been ever since. My all time favorite read of his is The Notebook and his last one, The Choice, was a really great read. With the exception of Message in a Bottle, I have read all of his writings.

Jason knows how much I enjoy spending the day reading through the newest Sparks' book. Over the years, I have learned to pace myself through his books. He has bought me every Nicholas Sparks book that has been published. He even buys them on the release date! They are always a complete and total surprise to me! I love that he does this for me!

On Tuesday, he surprised me with the latest book. It was not even out on the book shelves when he went to buy it for me. The workers had to go to the back to pull out my copy.

Thank you Jason for being so thoughtful in the little things! I love you!


And now, a little update on our rat/mouse friend...

The kids love the little guy and they constantly ask me why daddy gave it to me. Our little critter has been known to show up under our bed, in the closet, in the sock drawer, under the pillows, the van, and as of last night, the fridge! He always gets a laugh out of me!


Now, I'm off to read my book!


The Honea Bees said...

I LOVE Nicholas Sparks too! Thanks for letting me know that he has a new book out! I will be looking for it! I am excited about the Nights in Rodanthe movie and hope it does the book justice!


How nice! I used to love reading his books, but haven't seemed to have the time the last couple of years. I wonder why. They are so good, though. :) Maybe I'll pick up the reading again one day.