Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Campin' We Will Go

Jason and I took Joshua, Abby Kate and Jack camping this past week. We camped at Cages Bend on the Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee. The weather was perfect and the trees were gorgeous! We had such a great time just being together. The kids absolutely LOVED it! Here are some pictures from our camping trip.

Cages Bend

A picture with Joshua

A picture with Jack

Jason and Joshua roasting a marshmallow. This was Joshua's first s'more!

Jason and Abby Kate roasting marshmallows. This was Abby Kate's first s'more!

Joshua taking a break and enjoying the view.

Abby Kate and Jason relaxing in the hammock.
(I just love this picture!)

Jackson loved exploring the outdoors.

The fall colors

Our little blue eyed boy!

Joshua and Abby Kate fishing
Abby Kate is fishing with her princess pole and Joshua with his Lightning McQueen fishing pole. The kids loved fishing and got the casting part down really quickly. We also fed a couple of ducks with our bread later that afternoon.

My cousin, Jessica, got married on Saturday. Jason performed the ceremony and afterward we attended the reception at the Gaylord Springs Golf Links. The reception was so wonderful and we truly had a great time.


Laura Beth said...

Looks like you had a great time . . . we love camping, too! I'll have to remember Cages Bend. It looks like a nice place! Oh, the hammock picture is too cute!

-Lane said...

so were you camping in a tent or a camper?

Jamey said...

How neat. What great family time!

Following Him said...

Those smiles from all the kiddos are priceless!!! I absolutly love the one with Abby Kate and Jason is so precious! Glad you all had fun!!!

Alisha said...

I love your pictures! I am so glad you guys had such a great time. You need to frame the picture of Jason & Abby Kate. So sweet!!

Anonymous said...

You guys got some great pictures. It looks like you had fun. I think you're much more brave that I would be. I just wanted you to know that we missed you last night. Hope you're feeling better today.


Kennesaw Baumann said...

Wow, what a great time you guys had camping. Old Hickory Lake holds a very special place in my heart (thats where I grew up and my parents still live). I love seeing the wonderful life you guys lead.....

chesley said...

Looks like fun! You guys are brave..I don't think I could handle my two camping, much less 3! Pookie & I camped at Cage's Bend once...that may be the only time I've actually camped out of my backyard!


How neat! I'm glad ya'll had a good time. Way to go on the "roughing it", too. :) I love that picture of Jason and Abby Kate. Precious!

Amy said...

We love Cages Bend, it is a beautiful place to camp.

Laura said...

Sunny, brings back a lot of memories. May absolutely loved to go camping. Still does. I can smell the fire. That is half the fun is having a campfire. Glad you all are making such wonderful memories.