Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Fruit of My Labor

I have been working diligently on lowering our electricity bill. We have had our air turned off for the past month. Before that, we raised our thermostat to 79 degrees. Well, the fruit of my sweat (I mean, labor), has finally paid me back. This month's electricity bill was down by $89.00!!! We haven't seen this low of an electricity bill since May!

I absolutely love saving our family money! I think that I have become quite addicted to finding the best sale. I have started planning our menu around what is on sale at our grocery stores. I love using my coupons and it is an even greater deal when my coupon is doubled and I actually get the item for free!

I recently got rid of the diaper bag and purchased a new purse/tote for myself. The last time that I bought a new purse was about a year or two before the twins were born. (I know, I am not that fashionable, but hey, I never have been). I quickly realized that my old coupon carrying system was taking up way too much room in my new bag. I've read about people that get an index card box to hold all of their coupons and carry that in with them to the grocery store. I really didn't like that idea (too much bulk for me). Well, yesterday, the kids and I were at our local Wal-Mart and I stumbled upon a coupon file book. I have seen these before, but I have never really liked them. They never looked big enough and they always looked too stiff (meaning, I wouldn't have easy access to my coupons). I really liked the one that I saw, so I paid my $3.88 and spent the better part of nap time sorting and organizing my new coupon book. I am very happy with the new method.

In the last month, I saved our family $81.00 by using coupons and shopping the sales at two of our grocery stores! I can't wait to do our shopping this week and see how much money I can save us!

My old method of carrying 6 ziplock baggies of coupons. They were sorted in categories of household, food, baby, store specials, restaurants and coupons to be used.

My new slim line coupon book. It holds all of my coupons and they are divided out into 13 folders for easy access.


Jason said...

Keep on saving that money, honey!

kyllie said...

Oh I like that! My coupons are scattered all throughout my purse, no organization whatsoever. WOW on the electric bill, we might need to try that, especially since the weather is cooler, or at least cut it off during the day, since we're not there. You've inspired me :)

Jamey said...

Will you come grocery shop for me?

alice said...

Great job! Where do you find all of your coupons? I use the ones from the Sunday paper, but there aren't too many for things we use.


I need some lessons from you on how to cut coupons and save money. I just have a hard time finding time to do it all and keep up with it. More power to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Kam and I have a handy little divider just like that. We're great about cutting coupons too. Our problem is remembering to take the coupons to the store with us. ; )


Tracy said...

Hooray! I'm so proud of you! I seriously get into these modes where its almost addictive.

Have you looked at moneysavingmom . com? It is WONDERFUL!!!

Also, your little coupon book, is it the type with the little tabs at the top that you write the category on and slide into the tiny sleeve? If it is (like mine) then go ahead and tape the ends closed on those label tabs. It takes no time at all for them to slide out and then you don't know which category it is!

Following Him said...

I am so getting one of those coupon holders. My system is scattered and needs a makeover :) Thanks for the idea!!!

Sunny said...

Alice, I get the majority of my coupons from the paper. There are a lot of websites out there that also give me a heads up on some amazing deals. I really like Baby Cheapskate and Money Saving Mom. I also get Target coupons in the mail and on email. You just have to go and subscribe to that on their website. I love getting coupons and finding the best way to use them. I also LOVE scoring deals at CVS. I have gotten some steals there!