Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obsession or Passion

I have a passion for pictures.

I am obsessed with having lots and lots of pictures.

I obsess over documenting every thing through pictures.

I have a passion for photography.

And, I obsess over organization!

Abby Kate, Joshua and Jackson each have their own photo albums. Joshua and Abby Kate each have two photo albums (right now). I plan on finding another album and giving them each their third album. Jackson already has his three albums. These albums have already been written in, documenting each event pictured. These albums are theirs to take and keep when they are grown.

I have made this a priority for our children because of Jason. As many of you know, Jason lost both of his parents at a young age. The pictures that we have from Jason's childhood are considered treasures! I want my children to have their own photo albums for their keeping.

These two albums are from our first five years together. The blue album holds photos from right before Joshua and Abby Kate were born. I also have three baby books that I need to work on. I have all of the "stuff" written down on pieces of paper and I just need to transfer it over into their baby books. The first year with the twins was pure survival mode, but I did document things and I have all of those pieces of paper in one location.

These are the rest of my photo albums. 10 of the 11 albums are filled with pictures. I had gotten behind in my photo developing well into my first year with Joshua and Abby Kate. Last Christmas I asked for gift cards to Walgreens and Hobby Lobby. I always print my pictures from Walgreens when they are having a sale or they have coupons and my photo albums come from Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupons. I am so thankful that I was able to "catch up" on my photo printing! The other day, I realized that I had missed developing a few pictures, so I had to remove all of the pictures from the albums and "redo" them.


Yeah, I think so!!!

What do you obsess over (or you like to consider your passion)?


Jason said...

The answer is yes, you are obsessed!

But I'm thankful that our kids will have some great pictures of their childhood thanks to your diligence.

Stacy said...

Good for you! You always stay on top of stuff like that!

I have THOUSANDS of pictures, but haven't developed any since Jordan was a few months old!!! That's one of the things I was planning on doing after I stop the paper route!

I like the albums you picked for your "other" pictures...they look so library-like!

Sunny said...

Thanks Stacy! Those photo albums are at Hobby Lobby. With the 40% off coupon, you can get them for under $4. They hold 200 pictures and they come in different colors, too!

chesley said...

I share your passion, but you seem a little more organized. I haven't "split" Grant & Claire's albums up, but I do print my pictures regularly and put them in albums. I'm super picky about the printing though so I don't get any great discounts like you do. It really is work because the pictures never end!

Jackie said...

I could have written this! I'm almost embarrased of the amount of photo albums I have! But, they are all in perfect order! Btw, has super cheap prints. Thats who I use... I used to do Walgreens too.

Elizabeth Witt Walters said...

I am obsessed with pictures as well. I especially love it when I get to go home and look at old pictures of my family. I recently got all of my husband's childhood pictures and I'm going to scan them all. I like to keep a digital copy of all my pictures as well.

I'm just now starting to get things into albums. How did you decide which album to use? I want the best in preservation! Also, do you have any tips for preserving newspaper clippings?


Way to go on the organization! Your kids will love having their own photo albums to take with them one day. I feel like I have done the best that I can with just printing pictures and keeping them in photo albums in chronological order. We also have them saved on discs or on the computer. I just couldn't try to do separate books and all of that. Way too much to keep up with with having three at once...for me atleast! I'm thinking about one day going back and doing separate books for them on Shutterfly or some website like that with pictures from the first year or two of their lives. That way it'll be special books of their own, but I won't have all of the hassle and expense of trying to do individual scrapbooks??? Maybe one day I'll get to that. :)

Sunny said...

Jackie, I might have to try winkflash. I am very picky about the quality of my pics, but if they are equal to Walgreens, I will definitely try it!

Elizabeth, I wanted all of my photo albums to match. I am pretty obsessed about that, too. I really liked the ones from HL. They look classic to me and I am hoping that they will hold up over time. I am needing to get more in a little while and I might switch over to a different color (just to mix it up a bit). No advice on newspaper preservation. I just keep mine in a box away from light. They keep the ink, but you can tell that they are old.