Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Sweetest Bond

I feel completely honored to watch the bond that has developed between Joshua and Abby Kate. Jason and I have been amazed at the similarities and the differences between our twins. They have always been together! They absolutely love being with the other one. Yes, there are times where they need their space. Don't we all? But, the majority of their time is spent together.

The other day, the kids' preschool teacher told me something that just about melted my heart. She said that when they are out on the playground together, they go and play with the other kids. At least once, during the course of their play, they will both seek the other one out. Abby Kate will search for Joshua and if she does not see him, she will go and ask any of the teachers where he is. Once she spots Joshua, she goes on about her play. Joshua also seeks out Abby Kate. Once he finds her, he will walk up to her and hold her hand for a few minutes. He quickly runs off to resume his play after holding Abby Kate's hand.

The other day, I overheard Abby Kate telling Joshua that he was her "very best friend in the whole wide world". They are just absolutely precious to me. The bond that they share is completely unique and special! I feel so blessed to be the mother of twins.



What a good picture of Abby Kate and Joshua. It is really neat to see how they start interacting as they get older. I love how they check on each other on the playground. That's sweet. Mine don't really know what to do when one is gone. It's like someone is missing and they don't really know what to do.

Jason said...

I love this picture! I'm so thankful that J&AK have the kind of relationship that they do. Like I always tell people, the good days are really good, as you pointed out in your post.

I always think about what it must be like for them. Like you said, they've never been alone. Even in the womb, they were together. And they say that at some point, multiples become aware of the fact that there's somebody else in there with them. That just blows my mind! Obviously, they're going to have a pretty neat connection throughout their lives.

Amy said...

That made me cry!

Following Him said...

Friends for life is a picture of Abby Kate and Joshua! What a sweet relationship and photo!

chesley said...

Precious! That brought little tears to my eyes.