Friday, October 24, 2008

Our World of Random

  • Abby Kate delighted me with this Q & A the other day, "Hey mom, do you know what this little girl from class did in the bathroom at school? She stink-ed it up!"
  • I am taking Joshua to his FIRST Tennessee Vols game on Saturday! Just the two of us! I'm so excited!
  • I have 14 boxes of cereal in my pantry!
  • Time to lock all the doors. Jackson can now let himself out of the house!
  • Jackson also rolled our house with toilet paper yesterday! I walked in and caught him in the living room; he had rolled the toilet paper out all the way from the hall bathroom! Busted!
  • I still need to finish switching out the kids' clothes in their closets. I just don't have the time or the energy!
  • I have the ingredients to make sausage balls and chex mix and I can't wait. Now, if I can just find the time!
  • My kids call candy corn, "candy canes".
  • When singing in the van, what one twin doesn't sing, the other does. It is like they know when the other one is going to stop, so they just pick right up where they leave off.
  • My kids are known to share every detail of our lives with complete and total strangers.
  • The other night, our Bible story before bed was Jesus clearing the temple. Joshua couldn't understand why Jesus got mad. More than a week later, he's still bringing it up to us!
  • I love getting a peak at the Black Friday ads websites. I have been a Black Friday shopper for the past 3 years and love scoring great deals!!!
  • The other day I bought Joshua a belt at Kohl's. (I might add that it was a very nice black/brown reversible Chaps brand for only $6.) Well, Abby Kate suddenly became very fascinated with the belt loops on her jeans and told me that her loops needed a belt. Her suggestion - "How about you just go down to Target and get me a pretty pink belt. Okay? I think that would be nice."


Stacy said...

Your kids are going to very confused at Christmas when candy canes actually do come out!

And I love AbbyKate's suggestion about the belt! Now when we are out of something Lawson tells me I need to go to Walmart to get more. When we are walking around a store and he sees something he wants, he asks me, "Just tell me how many dollars this is so I can see if I have enough." (He never has ANY dollars to spend!)

Following Him said...

Oh my tell everyone me. As for the belt, what girl! She cracks me up with the Q&A too.

alice said...

I love these kinds of posts! Always good for some laughs. To add to the funnies, Caleb prayed at dinner a few days ago and thanked God for potties to pee-pee and poo-poo in and asked that fish don't bite him (who knows where the fish came from). John and I were about to blow a gasket to surpress our laughter. Caleb has also named two of Anna's very girly looking baby dolls. They are Isaac and Jochabed.