Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween 2008

We all enjoyed another Halloween this year! Jason and I were completely exhausted after a very busy day and night. We continued our tradition of eating my Nana's Chili on Halloween night. Jason carved two of our six pumpkins for Joshua and Abby Kate. Abby Kate wanted a scary pumpkin and Joshua wanted a happy one. The kids loved trick or treating and had a great night.

Joshua wanted to be a Titan's player for Halloween this year. He also wanted to be SuperMan, SpiderMan, and BatMan! He loves playing in his costumes any day of the week!

Abby Kate was a princess! She was not just any princess, she was a "beautiful princess". She loves all of the princess things and loved wearing her dress!

Jackson was our monkey! And he always is our monkey!!!


The Bowerman Blog said...

What precious kids! They look like they were having lots of fun.

Jamey said...

Abby Kate's princess dress is very pretty! They all look great!

Love the pumpkins!

TARA said...

How exciting! Keep up those traditions,

Stacy said...

Cute!! Abby Kate looks a lot different with her hair all up! I'm glad you all had fun!

The Honea Bees said...

So cute! By the way, I didn't know Jason is only 32. I guess I always think my preacher should be a lot older than me. Must mean I'm getting old too.