Monday, November 10, 2008


This weekend I talked with my Mom and Mimi about our Thanksgiving Meal. I can't wait for our meal together with family! If your family is like mine, you will eat the turkey and ham and then you will feast upon side dish after side dish. I don't know if I like the turkey or the side dishes more.

We all have our favorites. My dad loves the dressing and the sweet potatoes. My mom's favorite dish is the dressing. My brother's favorite dish is the turkey and dressing. My DayDon loves the sweet potatoes. Mimi's favorite dish is the dressing. Jason loves the turkey and dressing. And, I love the green beans, sweet potatoes, and dressing. Even though we all have our favorites, there are other side dishes that we each request year after year.

After looking at our list, we all realized that we were wanting to have some spuds. Sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, cowboy potatoes and potato salad! That's a lot of potatoes!!!

My brother introduced us all to his cowboy potatoes last year and we all loved them. They are back by popular demand this year! Thanksgiving is not complete without my mom's sweet potatoes! They are Jason's favorite dish that my mom fixes. And I love potato salad. All the time!

After thinking about all of the starches, I decided to back down on my request of potato salad. We are also going to let the mashed potatoes go. We now have two potato dishes - sweet and cowboy! But this only happened after I traded in the potato salad for my mom's deviled eggs!


Alisha said...

You are making me hungry just thinking about all of that food! Mashed potatoes are one of my most favorite foods. I love the holidays!

Jason said...

We should add hashbrown casserole to the mix, too. I'm sure the state of Idaho would like to thank us for keeping the potato farmer in business this holiday season!

Jason said...

The word verification word I just had to type for that last comment was "jaingsta". I think that's funny.

The one for this one is "wiscragg". Also funny.

Fran said...

ok, I need to see the recipe for cowboy potatoes! Never heard of them - and I lived in Texas for a long time!