Monday, November 03, 2008

Just A Sampling...

...Of What Jack Loves!

playing in the toilet

dumping out a bag full of cereal onto the floor

turning the bathtub faucet out onto the tile floor and then turning on the water

throwing the keys in the toilet

dragging everything out of the pantry
(just fixed this with a child proof lock)

climbing on top of the kitchen table and walking around on it

taking my bottle of windex and throwing it into the toilet

eating my chapstick

pulling out all of the toilet paper

taking out all of the tupperware from the kitchen drawer

pulling our little table over on top of himself

have i mentioned, playing in the toilet

making messes

bringing me the sweeper when he makes a mess

flushing the toilet

biting the tops off of the spray bottles and putting them in his mouth

banging everything with his play hammer

dumping out a bag full of chips onto the floor

whacking his siblings with his keys/keychain

hitting Daddy in the head with his toy baseball bat

digging in the trashcan

And these happen over and over again on any given day!

You've just got to love everything that Jack loves! :)


Supabloggasuprememama said...

hahaha! you have your hands full...

Following Him said...

Can you say toddlerhood has hit?

Jason said...

Amen. The child is into everything.

Dana said...

I can totally relate. And I wonder why I'm tired all the time..