Thursday, November 20, 2008

Who Knows Me Best?


After two years of blogging, I wanted to see how well you all know me. Just leave me a comment with your answers and the winner will be rewarded a $5 gift card to Starbucks. I will post my answers Sunday night, where the winner will be announced. In the event of a tie, the person that answers correctly first, will win. Have fun!

*Jason is not allowed to play*

1. What color are my eyes? Blue

2. How many siblings do I have? One

3. What was the first car I owned? Ford Mustang

4. What college did I attend during my first semester? Freed Hardeman University

5. How long did it take me to complete my degree? 3 1/2 years

6. Where did Jason and I live during our first 3 years of marriage? Kingsport, TN

7. What instrument did I play in the eighth grade band? French Horn

8. What part do I sing? Soprano

9. What baseball team do I root for? St. Louis Cardinals

10. What college did I graduate from? Lipscomb University

11. What cause do I support the most? The March of Dimes

12. What is my favorite holiday drink from Starbucks? Tall Peppermint Mocha

13. Where did Jason and I honeymoon? San Diego

14. What character did I play in The Wizard of Oz? Glenda, The Good Witch

15. What is my favorite restaurant? Olive Garden

16. What did I do before having babies? Taught 3rd Grade

17. Where is my dream vacation? England

*Now this is where I need some help! Lane and Lucy answered most of these correctly. I want to be fair in this little game.

Lane got everything right except questions #5 (should I really make that 1/2 of a year count), #15 (technically if we are talking fast food, he got it right!), and #17 (no clue).

Lucy got everything right except questions #1 (my eyes are blue, but she might see blue-ish gray), #12 (she said that she cheated, should I let her off the hook because she admitted openly that she cheated?), and #13 (technically we did have a lay over in Las Vegas on our way to San Diego).

They both gave very detailed answers!

I need your help in judging. I could just post a tie breaker question, but I don't know what that would be. Also, I said that the first person to answer the most questions right would be the winner. I'm really torn here, so I need your help (I feel a little bit like Dora by saying that).


Stacy said...

1. Blue
2. One
3. Mustang
4. Freed?
5. 3 years
6. Kingsport, Tn
7. Clarinet?
8. Alto?
9. Cardinals
10. Lipscomb
11. March of Dimes
12. Peppermint Mocha?
13. San Diego?
14. Glenda the good Witch
15. Olive Garden
16. Teach
17. Europe

-Lane said...

Just guessing at some...but I remember a lot of these from growing up...

1. Your eyes are blue
2. One sibling, Roger
3. It was a Ford Mustang, white (I drove it before it was wrecked once)
4. Good ole FHU
5. 3 years
6. Kingsport, TN
7. French Horn
8. Soprano
9. St. Louis Cardinals
10. Lipscomb
11. March of Dimes/ Premature Baby
12. Tall Peppermint Mocha
13. San Diego
14. Glenda the Good Witch
15. Fast food burger is Krystals, Fries is McDonalds (don't remember real restaurant...)
16. Taught Elementary School at MA
17. No clue, sorry.

Jess said...

O.k. Sunny, I don't have to be rewarded, I'll just be glad if I can remember some of this stuff! Love ya! :)

1. Blue
2. one
3. A mustang (do I have to know the year?)
4. It wasn't Lipscomb! I think it was Freed Hardemen (poor Jason sure did miss you...glad you transferred)
5. No long, it took me 7 years. I think you finished in 4 (even after transferring schools)
6. I think somewhere in Tennessee but I could be totally wrong (I won't cheat by looking at my address book)
7. flute or clairinet? It wasn't the tuba!
8. I haven't sung with you lately but I remember a pretty soprano voice in high school
9. Hmm, I can't remember. It isn't the Braves and honestly, that's all I know.
10. Lipscomb
11. March of Dimes (a girl after my own heart)
12. ? (I haven't read blogs in a while)
13. Disney World?
14. Dorothy
15. ? What is it?
16. You taught!
17. Probably anywhere tropical with a beach and your family

Jason said...

The fine print of this contest stipulates that I am ineligible to compete. Let the record reflect, however, that I know the answers to all of these questions. So the title of the post should really be "Who Knows Me Best (Besides My Super-Awesome Husband)?"

Laura Beth said...

1. Blue
2. one
3. Mustang
4. Freed
5. 3 years
6. Kingsport
7. Trumpet
8. Soprano
9. Cardinals
10. Lipscomb
11. March of Dimes
12. Peppermint Mocha
13. San Diego
14. Glenda the Good Witch
15. Cracker Barrel
16. Taught
17. Hawaii

Ok, I knew a lot of these, cheated on some, and guessed on a few . . . :)

LucyP said...

hehehe--this is fun...but I'm afraid I'll come across as a stalker! I love ya!!

1. Blue-ish gray
2. One--a brother
3. A FORD (like all your cars). It was a mustang
4. Freed-Hardman
5. 3.5 years (only 3 in class and one semester of student teaching/coursework was done in kingsport?)
6. in the cross creek apartments on John B Dennis Hwy in KINGSPORT TN!!!! YAAAYYY!!!
7. french horn?
8. a lovely soprano
9. Cardinals!
10. Lipscomb University
11. March of Dimes premie care
12. I'm cheating from everyone else's answer (this is the ONLY one that I'm cheating on AND I'm being honest about it) A peppermint mocha
13. Las Vegas--which always surprised me. You rented a convertible and got really sunburnt on your shoulders
14. Glenda the good witch
15. Olive Garden
16. You were a professional teacher (you are STILL a great teacher in my book!)
17. Somewhere in Europe--I think it''s England or Italy--Jason owes you a trip now that he's got his MDiv.

Ok--hopefully I get points for detail. I PROMISE--i'm not toooo obsessed with you--I just remember things about ppl!

Jamey said...

I really want to cheat and read the comments to find my missing answers...but I'm not going to.

1. blue
2. 1
3. honda?
4. Freed-Hardeman
5. 3 yrs.
6. TN
7. clarinet
8. soprano
9. Cardinals
10. Lipscomb
11. March of Dimes
12. ?
13. Bahamas?
14. Glenda the Good Witch
15. Rosies
16. Taught 3rd grade
17. beach

Stacy said...

I just wnated to say that I second and third and fourth guessed myself about what part you sing...My first thought was soprano. The other Sunday at church, though, I looked over and thought for sure that you were singing the alto part of whatever song it was...So I tried to remember where you sit when you are on the praise team but it's been a VERY long time since I've been in there when you were...babble, babble, babble...The point is that I think I was wrong on that one but I went with Alto b/c of seeing you sing that part in church. So. There.

I just needed to explain and justify why I (think I) got that one wrong.

Sunny said...

Stacy, you totally crack me up! You probably did see me singing alto the other day. I tend to sing alto when I am sick. It's the only time that I can actually hit the low notes! :)

Anonymous said...

just give them both 5.00 and be done with it!

LucyP said...

Hehehe--I think a gift certificate wouldn't work for stores outside of the US--so you're off the hook. Lane can be the actual winner and I'll settle for some sort of honorary title! This was fun--I love you!

Sunny said...

Lucy, you are great! How about we get together when you get back in the states and we can go catch up at Starbucks (of course, my treat)?

Lane, I will be getting you that card soon! Are you heading this way anytime soon? If not, I'll just drop it in the mail for you!

Thanks to everyone for playing along!

Jason said...

Cut the gift card in half! The true owner of the card will then say, "NO! Please, no!", revealing the true identity of the winner and the owner of the gift card.

-Lane said...

So did i get #5 right or not? That's my question!

I'll be happy to accept your gift. Even though I get the white hot chocolate at Starbucks. Should I say that I've never had a cup of coffee in my life?

Sunny said...

It took me 3 1/2 years! I started school in Aug. '96 and graduated in Dec. '99.

Starbucks has a really great new creamier Hot Chocolate!