Thursday, January 08, 2009

Abby Kate's Showcase

Abby Kate is very excited to show you some of her most recent colorings and paintings.
She loves art and would color and paint all day!
She hopes that you enjoy her showcase!


"Abby Kate"
I asked her to write her name for me.
She is still working very hard on writing her "y" and "k".

After writing out her name for her, she wrote it again.
I love how "Kate" is in all caps.
It's just too cute!


Jamey said...

Tell Abby Kate that the princess on the horse and the watercolor picture are my favorites. She is very talented!

Laura Beth said...

I loved to color all the time when I was little, too! Tell Abby Kate the watercolor is my favorite!

Jason said...

I really love that watercolor picture! She is so passionate about her "art". I think it's very cool.

TARA said...

My favorite is the watercolor one too. What a talented little artist you have on your hands!

Stacy said...

You should frame the watercolor (and any other interesting paintings she has) and put it in the hall or bathroom by their rooms...she would probably love to see it like a 'real' picture!

She really puts a lot of detail and thought into her coloring! It's great!

Stefanie said...

I love this post. Her and Austin could be best little friends. Austin could sit for hours and draw. And he really is pretty good at it. Tell Abby Kate I really enjoyed looking at her pictures. They are very pretty!


What a talented little girl! She looks so proud! :)

Jason said...

To me, the watercolor picture looks like the mountain of God. Either that or a volcano. I love it.

Following Him said...

Abby have talent :)

Alisha said...

Abby Kate: Great job on all of your artwork! Your writing is really coming along too. I am so impressed!

jenna said...

Abby Kate: I LOVE your art! I like to paint too! Maybe one day we can have an art day! That would be so much fun! Will you paint me a watercolor painting? :)