Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. Manners

Mr. Manners
Jackson loves putting his feet on the table for all of his meals. If he has shoes on, he takes them off. If he has socks on, he removes them. I don't even try to keep a bib on him anymore. He is trying really hard to wiggle out of his seat. I know that it will only be a matter of time. The same thing goes for his crib. He can really hike that leg up!

After washing Jackson up from dinner last night, he ran over and climbed up in Abby Kate's chair. He really loves his sister. Abby Kate is so sweet with him.

In other news...
  • We can't find our tv remote ANYWHERE! There is no telling what our little guy has done with it.
  • For fun Jackson decided to throw his toy keys into the potty. I had to get out the gloves for that fishing trip.
  • Abby Kate is now wanting to get her ears pierced, as well as her hair cut. We've made a deal with her about the hair, but I just don't think that we can do the ear piercing just yet.
  • Joshua has been busy practicing his swing. He can't wait for tee ball to start again.


Jamey said...

Ha ha! We've had to start making an effort to put our remote in the "remote box" if we want to ever use it again! Braden has hidden it in the strangest places. Good luck finding yours...try looking in the printer....

What is your deal with Abby Kate and her hair? Avery gets very upset everytime I even mention trimming hers. I wonder when the day will come that she wants it cut for real.

When will T-ball start?

Jason said...

Who told her about ear piercing? I was hoping to keep that a secret for at least a couple more years!

Seriously, she's not getting her ears pierced until she's, like, thirty.

TARA said...

Does the TV switch channels when the toilet gets flushed??? If so, then you know where it went!

Sunny said...

Jamey, I think that after looking EVERYWHERE in this house, Jason finally found it under our bed. Now we can finally watch Lost!

Abby Kate has been begging to get her hair cut for a long time. I really don't want it to go, so we made a deal. I want to get her 5 year old pictures and our family beach pictures with her long hair. So we are looking at getting her hair cut sometime in July. Also, the only way that I am letting that hair go is if we give it to a good cause. We plan on donating it to Locks of Love. Right now she has 9 1/2 inches in a ponytail. I'm sure that by July she will have another few inches. She is really excited about giving her hair to some children that would really want it.

T-ball should start up sometime in March or April. This year Abby Kate is playing too. It should be a fun season having two play!

Alisha said...

Glad you found your remote! That is the bad thing about dish. You can't just go buy another universal remote. Good luck with the ear piercing thing. I wouldn't want to do it just because of all the cleaning that goes with it.

Following Him said...

What a guy...manners and fishing of all things :) Great compromise with Abby Kate. I think I was six/seven when I had my ears pierced. Can't wait to see the new do! Like Jamey, curious...When does Tball start?